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Our Daily Podcast LIVE Tonight at 9:00 CT!

Join us live tonight as we preview the Revivalry game on Saturday!

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Join us LIVE TONIGHT at 9:00p CT as Peter, Fank and old friend of the show Amy Pagitt from preview the Baylor/TCU game this Saturday as well other hilarity that is bound to ensue. We might even have another special guest join us too! But you'll have to watch to find out.

A sampling of some things that we may discuss:

  • Coaching search news! Actually, no not really!
  • What's the psyche of this Baylor team after the UT game and how critical is this game with TCU?
  • How can Baylor's offense bounce back against a TCU defense that has scuffled at times in 2016?
  • Who broke TCU this year?
  • Reader questions! Send them to us on Twitter or post in the comments to this post.
  • T-shirts can sometimes be different colors but we're probably not gonna talk about this either!
  • Picks of the week!

In addition, we will update this post with a live video feed prior to 9:00 tonight so please check back here before that time. Look forward to hanging out with you folks tonight!