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Podcast #107: Conference Expansion and Homecoming Heroes

Podcasting about Conference Expansion (or lack thereof), championship games, Homecoming, and a whole lot more.

NCAA Football: Kansas at Baylor Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Well, after months of being "psychologically disadvantaged" and entertaining would-be winners in the Conference Expansion Sweepstakes, the Big 12 announced Monday that it would NOT be adding any new schools to the conference. This news didn’t exactly shock anyone, but the comments were pretty telling. So, of course we’re talking about that to start the show!

We’re also delving into the fact that they’re keeping the plan to add a conference championship game next season, which is a decision that befuddles me, personally. Given the round robin schedule, I personally just don’t see the need. Fank makes a good point as to why it’s happening (spoiler: it’s MONEY)... So we’re talking about that a bit, too.

But, HOMECOMING!!!! Good times were had by most everyone. Some topics from the rest of the show:

  • Dex touched upon it in his always-excellent Campus Chronicles, but I found both the pregame and halftime tributes to David Grotberg incredibly moving.
  • Naomi, my eldest, got the chance to participate in the car race in the 2nd quarter. It was kind of awesome.
  • The GAME! Dominating win, interesting stats
  • Seth Russell still struggling?
  • Running game was solid
  • THAT DEFENSE THOUGH (shout out to Ryan Reid)

We’re also touching on the results through the first half of the season... Knowns, unknowns, and where we go from here. Buckle up, folks. It could be a wild finish.

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