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Podcast Episode 106: Roadtripping with Francis and Scully

Fank and Peter are back after a week's hiatus during the bye week with a LOT of stuff to talk about. No really.

Baylor v Iowa State Photo by David Purdy/Getty Images

After a "week off" (Matt and Fank did a live pod type thing last week while I was out of pocket), David and I are back this week to talk about all of the important stuff that’s happened since we last had a podcast! Really important stuff... like... Michigan vs. Rutgers. And NC State vs. Notre Dame. And Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse. And the population of various college town’s metropolitan areas. The hilarious bloopers of NC State vs. Notre Dame. And more about Michigan vs. Rutgers. And finally... HOMECOMING. And by homecoming, I mean watching Illinois-Rutgers at the tailgate before the Baylor game. By the way, if you have suggestions for what I should do with a nearly-5-year old after the parade and before the game, I am all ears. Plus more stuff!

NOTE: The picture we reference was taken by our own lord.hinton, and it’s hilarious to me still.

  • Texas-OU from last weekend
  • TCU-Kansas
  • Houston-Navy and the Triple Option
  • Roadtripping* companions
  • Baylor-related news!!! OMG.
  • At what point we’ll feel confident about Baylor’s chances going undefeated (it ain’t for awhile)
  • Kansas preview. Yes, we actually get there for awhile!
  • Picks of the week. This week’s slate, on paper, isn’t the strongest. Which means that it will most likely feel like the Wild West and be crazy entertaining.
  • Your questions!

*This comes from an ESPN video that dropped on Twitter that was one of the more entertaining thing that we’ve seen from the media giant in awhile. Check it out:

Also, Caesarscott on Twitter asked a good question that we get to, and we’re not sure of the answer. Help us out here if you have a good answer!

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