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ODP Episode 71: The Current Student Roundtable

ODB Contributors lord.hinton, KimboSmash, and McBeezy, current students all, join the podcast to talk about life as a student in the most successful stretch in Baylor football history.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

We're back! This week marks the return of regular weekly episodes. I'm giving Mark a break for one more week before roping him in next week, but this week I'm joined by lord.hinton (intrepid author of the Coach Kendal Briles interview), KimboSmash, and McBeezy, ODB contributors and current students all. They're joining me to talk about their experiences with Baylor football as current students, sharing stories and their expectations for the coming season.

We've got a wide swath of experience here, too, since each of them is in a different year, so it's fun to hear about the changes that have happened in the past 3 years. What's more, all of them are exclusively post-RGIII era students. Kind of mind-blowing to me.

Apologies for any audio quality issues that we have in this podcast, and there were a few. Current students don't quite have the cash flow to purchase high-end audio equipment for a guest spot on the podcast, but we did the best we could. Hopefully it turned out okay! It definitely was a fun time recording it.

Podcast Question for the Commentariat:

WHICH WOULD YOU RATHER: Win the Big 12, miss out on the Playoffs but win the Sugar Bowl, OR win the Big 12, make the CFP but lose the first game in horrific fashion?

Tentative Podcast Schedule

With #CampBU now starting and Media Days a few weeks in the books, the 2015 Preseason is in full swing, so we are going to resume our regular weekly broadcasts! My plan is to record on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings and have the shows out to you the following day if possible. Here's the tentative plan:

  • August 12/13: Offensive Preview
  • August 19/20: Defensive Preview
  • August 26/27: Season Predictions Show
  • September 1/2: SMU Preview show!

As always, if you have any suggestions for things you'd like to hear on the podcast, we'd love to take them. If you have questions, you can email the show at OurDailyPodcast(at)gmail(dot)com, tweet them to either the pod account or mine, or give us a call at (774)25-SICEM (257-4236) and leave us a message.

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