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Podcast Episode 72: 2015 Baylor Football Offense Preview

We're continuing our preseason coverage of the 2015 season with our first look at the Baylor Offense, answering your questions, including the most existential question facing this year's team.

The position Coach strikes while listening to OurDailyPodcast.
The position Coach strikes while listening to OurDailyPodcast.
Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

Good news, everyone! Mark is back. This week we're looking to feed your preseason enthusiasm by talking about the 2015 Baylor Bears offense, tackling the tough questions and basically being as... homeristic? homeriffic? anyway, we're basically being the biggest homers for the Baylor offense as possible. All joking aside, we're not trying to be massive homers in this episode, it's just that when you return nearly every single starter and the biggest question mark is at a position where your head coach has a proven track record, it's hard not to be really, really excited about what's coming this fall.

I put out the call for questions about the offense on Twitter a couple of days ago, and you guys responded in spades. Thank you for that! I'll be doing the same thing next week for the defense, so I look forward to your questions.

Here's what we're all about this week:

  • QB situation: Seth Russell* and the Great Existential Question of Our Time
  • The backups, and how we think they'll go.
  • Running backs! We've got one of the deeper sets of running backs that we've seen in a long time, and we're excited to see what they can do.
  • Tackling the toughest question
  • Offensive Line - returning nearly everyone, there's a lot of depth here too that could be really helpful down the stretch.
  • Tight Ends: LaQuan McGowan and the impact his mere presence will have on the field; additionally, we feel that this is probably the best tight end situation we've had since 2011
  • Updates on The Question
  • Wide Receivers - there's so much to be excited about here.

*It will become readily apparent that Peter is excited about the added dimension that Seth's mobility could bring to the offense. You might here about it. Once or twice. Maybe.

Of course, we also take your questions, both sprinkled throughout the show and we put more at the end.

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