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Podcast Episode 67: Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Fankhauser and I are back on the podcast to discuss the past few weeks of Baylor basketball!

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It's been about three weeks since we last brought you a podcast. Of course, we'd just come off a monstrous win at Morgantown, then dropped two straight to Kansas and Oklahoma State. Naturally, the podcast was blamed for this outcome. BUT, then the Bears ripped off four straight wins before dropping Monday's game against Texas. You can't blame us for that one. But, this is our solemn vow to you: If we lose on Friday night, we will never, ever do another basketball podcast.

Here's what we're talking about

Recap of the past few weeks

The historic win in Ames

Another dominating performance against West Virginia

A bit about Texas and that throwdown.

Looking forward to Texas Tech, the rest of the weekend, and what those games mean for the Big 12 Tournament seeding.

This tweet comprises the entirety of our football discussion for this podcast:


If you recall, last podcast Mark issued a bit of a fun challenge for people tweeting their best Peter age jokes on Twitter, and I'd pick my favorites. Stick around for the winner(s) on the podcast. While I won't reveal those in the show notes, I will embed some that just missed the final. Also, we'd love to do more of these type things in the future, but we don't have any ideas. So, if you've got ideas, we want them! We don't want to just outright steal the Secret Verbal from our good friends Dan & Ty, but if we can come up with something similar that could be fun and give the opportunity for community creativity, that'd be awesome.

Here are the honorable mentions:

That last one just tickled my funny bone for whatever reason. Good stuff. Thanks for participating! They were ALL funny.

Next Show

We mention on the show that we'll be recording Sunday night. Barring a loss to Texas Tech, we WILL be recording a podcast in advance of the Big 12 tournament, but we're not 100% sure when that will be yet. After finishing recording, Fank let me know that he'd be just returning from a weekend road trip. I also realized that I will be out of pocket Sunday night and possibly Monday for work, so I'm not 100% sure when we'll get the chance to lay down some audio. We'll do our best to make it happen, though.

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