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OurDailyPodcast Episode 92: Basketball Is Good

Fankhauser and Mattisbear are back on the podcast to talk about some basketball!

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As promised, we did a basketball podcast! This week Mark took a break from podcasting with us but asked a very important question that Fankhauser and Mattisbear were on hand to help answer: Is basketball good? Yes, basketball is good. It's very good. But just how good is this year's Baylor team? We're trying to figure that out on this week's show. The trouble is, outside of games with Oregon, Vanderbilt, and an upcoming tilt with Texas A&M, the schedule has been pretty soft (OH NOES STRENGTH OF SCHEDULE TALK) so it is a bit difficult to determine where this team really stands in the pecking order. We're talking about that, and more though! What else are we saying?

OH. One more thing. It should be noted up front that the podcast has taken a LOT of heat from basketball fans about about the supposed "Podcast Curse," wherein we podcast about basketball, then the team rips off a loss or a run of really bad play. HOWEVER: I'll have you know that even though they struggled in the Texas Tech game last spring (the last basketball podcast we did), they actually won that game. Additionally, their next game against Harden Simmons University. If you think that's by accident... Anyway.

So, let's get on with it!

  • Changes from last season to this
  • Differences between last year and this
  • Early candidates for most improved players of the season
  • Rico Gathers' amazing feat in accomplishing a program-second 30-20 last week
  • Peter Doesn't Know Basketball Terminology, a segment that's sure to be a staple in the winter/spring podcasts
  • Reader questions!
  • Too-early projections for the remainder of the season
  • Much more.

It's great to have Matt and Fank back on the podcast. I think we're going to try and do regular podcasts about basketball throughout the winter and spring, with recruiting updates and the like sprinkled in throughout for good measure.

If you have any ideas for basketball podcasts or anything during the offseason, I'm all ears. I'd like to keep doing them on a regular basis if possible, to avoid the massive gaps in podcasting that we had last season. Do share!


We had two questions that were somewhat similar, so I want you to answer them in the comments! FIRST: Ted asked: "If you were picking hype video music, what would you use?" Also, Twitter user @BaylorBear23 asked, "If you had to choose a song to walk out to (a la wrestlers, baseball), what would it be?" So, answer those two questions below and talk about the podcast! Thanks for listening!

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