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OurDailyPodcast #87: Going Solo

Peter takes to the podcast airwaves solo to recap Oklahoma and look ahead to Oklahoma State

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

On Monday evening, Mark had to work late which meant that we couldn't record a recap podcast for the OU game (please, hold your applause). I put a poll up on Twitter, asking for feedback on whether I should record a podcast solo or whether we should wait until later in the week. Reaction was fairly even, but the "combined" option ended up winning the day at my cutoff time. Well, whether you wanted a combined show dealing with both OU and Oklahoma State or a solo recording, you both get your wish. Mark was again unavailable last night, so I opted to go ahead and record a solo broadcast. This is my first solo broadcast, so I apologize if I meander or things sound differently, but I hope you still listen and enjoy it.

What I'm talking about:

  • College GameDay, and the best signs (see my favorite in the tweet below, as promised)
  • McLane Stadium Atmosphere (and the FLYOVER!!!!!), despite the rain (ugh)
  • The OU game and my observations both from being inside the stadium and re-watching the game on Monday
  • College Football Playoff: Our ranking, getting in, and my musings about a possible scenario
  • Injury Report: Not great, Bob!
  • The Oklahoma State Game
  • The Matchups this week, but no picks (because solo picks aren't fun)
  • 5-Star Review Shoutouts (and oh yeah, our very first 1-star review! We've made it!)

There you have it. As promised, here's my favorite sign from the weekend. Still cracks me up.

Sara's a podcast listener, too, which was fun. One thing I didn't say on the show: I got the chance to meet several listeners at GameDay and while tailgating, and I wanted to say thank you to all of you who listen interact with the show. Without y'all, there's no podcast. /Wipes single tear away

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