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OurDailyPodcast Episode 79: The Smorgasbord!

In advance of the Kansas game on Saturday, Mark and I are discussing the game, recent news, and much, much more.

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Last night we recorded a podcast! As we started prep for this one, we realized the same thing that I was talking about in my First Look/Advanced Stats post earlier this week: This game doesn’t lend itself to much discussion on our part because the stats, the eye test, and everything else lean so far towards Baylor that if they were the MAV, Mark Watney would have to scrub his launch. That being said, don’t mistake our reluctance to talk at length about this game as apathy or the thought that the Bears could just sleepwalk through this game - they can’t. Remember TCU-KU 2014, people. It could happen to you.

All of that said, we’re talking about a host of different topics in this podcast, and I personally thoroughly enjoyed recording it. I hope you enjoy it as well!

What are we talking about?

These things:

  • Some big news right off the bat: We’re out of the wilderness, folks.
  • Defacement of the RGIII statue - TCU fans, probably? Also: don’t retaliate. Instead, get a kolache.
  • Jason Kirk’s story: funny, sad, absolutely true.
  • The wide-open nature of this season.
  • Advanced Stats: Our theories on what S&P+ is all about right now
  • Kansas… Yes, we actually talk about the game for a bit, and what we’re expecting to see
  • Picks! Picks of the Weeeeeeeek.
  • Some talk about our schedule.

There you go! As always, hit us up on the various social medias. If you have friends that aren’t listening to the show, get ’em on it!

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