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Podcast Episode 82: Hurricane Homecoming!

There's a Hurricane about to hit Mexico. Torrential rainfall is headed to Waco. And, oh yeah, there are Cyclones headed this way. It's just a weather-filled podcast from start to finish!

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Well, we’ve got some weather headed our way this weekend. The Cyclones! Iowa State is coming to town. Oh yeah, there’s also some really wild weather patterns that have done some stuff to our university’s plans for Homecoming. For the first time since 1936, Baylor has had to cancel many Homecoming festivities like the bonfire, the parade, and more. But don’t you worry! Pigskin is still a go. Also, the game. They’re playing this game, regardless of how much it’s raining. Get your ponchos ready!

The Podcast will not be impacted by weather! sorta.

  • Mark’s trip has been canceled due to Hurricane Patricia (which may or may not be the cause of the rain in Waco? We’ll call it a contributing factor). Sorry, all you aspiring ODB account tweeters.
  • There’s some rain headed our way, and it’s sogging up plans for Homecoming. A bummer, but the game must go on!
  • Canceling the bonfire and the parade makes us sad. It makes my wife and I sad because a 1 & 3 year old girls in their little cheerleader outfits at the Homecoming parade is SUPER ADORABLE.
  • This is the first Homecoming Parade since 1936 to be canceled. I’m pretty sure I said 1937 on the podcast.
  • Impact of the rain on the game: Will there or won’t there be?
  • Oh yeah: COMMENTARIAT PARTICIPATION ALERT (see details below)
  • Previewing the game and how it might play out
  • Uniform Predictions and a trivia question
  • Your questions!
  • Picks of the week!

That’s what we’re talking about for the most part folks! Woohoo.


At about the 24 minute mark of the show, Mark remembers something vitally important. When he was at a recent game, he put in a bid on an authentic BU Football Chrome helmet. He didn’t get the winning bid, but was the #2 bid. The company that handles the auctions and memorabilia called him. They have an extra helmet and are offering it to him at his bid price. He’s not sure what to do, but has agreed to let the commentariat help make his decision. I’m putting a poll up in this thread that will last until 2 PM TODAY. Tell him whether or not he should get the helmet, and then include your reasoning in the comments!

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