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Podcast Episode 81: Now We're Here

Mark and Peter return to the airwaves in the wake of the Bears' 62-38 victory over the West Virginia Mountaineers

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If you've been paying attention to social media over the past couple of days, you've seen a lot of discussion about whether the Michigan-Michigan State finale (which, btw, fan voters on the mothership are voting to refer to as "Fail to the Victors") is a worse way to lose a game than the Kick Six. Lost Letterman knows, though, and so do we: There is no worse way to lose a game than the way that Baylor did to UNLV in 1999. None. Mark put it at the top of his list of worst losses in Baylor history in January. ESPN's Page 2 wrote about it. I was at the game, and I will never, ever forget that play. There are folks who repressed the memory, convincing themselves they weren't there; that's how bad it was. But I think it should be some sort of mandatory learning for every incoming Baylor freshman.

Because now we're here. And that experience makes the "here" that much sweeter.

Anyway, that's how we're leading off the podcast this week, after some quick discussion of the TCU-Iowa State game.

First things first

MY BAD. Right off the bat, I got the score wrong. For whatever reason, I had it in my brain that Baylor scored 63 points. They didn't. They scored 62. It's in the intro and I'm pretty sure I say it throughout the podcast. Mea culpa. In my defense, I've been battling a pretty nasty upper respiratory something and, for whatever reason, I woke up at 1:15 on Monday morning and couldn't go back to sleep. Needless to say, I was pretty exhausted by podcast time. So, if I'm more groggy sounding and stumbling over my words more than usual, now you know why.


So that's what we lead off with, how we started from the bottom, and just how bad it was. Here's what else we're discussing!

  • Now we're here! How that terrible period makes this glory all the better
  • The changing perception of Baylor football
  • "Turning somebodies into nobodies" - the detractors and their rallying cry
  • BUT: It's not a #narrative anymore. The narrative has changed
  • Yes, we actually talk some about West Virginia, too
  • Off-the-cuff Midseason Position/Player Grades

There you go. Hope you all enjoy it!

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