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OurDailyPodcast Episode 42A: Salsa Nacho and The Lost Podcast

We may not have saved the Lost Podcast, but we recorded a new one, and it's not too shabby. Come check it out!

The masses rejoice because we have a podcast!
The masses rejoice because we have a podcast!
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After losing a podcast, Salsa Nacho is on the case. Okay, not really, but at this point we're considering a series of seven podcasts called "Salsa Nacho and the ______." Sorta like Harry Potter. Okay maybe we're not doing that but I really need things to say.

By now you know that we had an entire podcast recorded, but as everyone hit the stop button on their recordings, Conner's computer basically blew up the entire Baylor campus, preventing him from saving his audio and also crashing AirBear and possibly causing injuries to Bryce Petty, Levi Norwood, Clay Fuller and Corey Coleman. That last part is currently unconfirmed, though.

On a personal note, I have to say that I was personally quite depressed about the fact that we were not going to record, partly because there was SO much to talk about in the wake of the Inaugural Game at McLane Stadium, but also because I got some new fun equipment for my birthday and I was really ready to try it out. But, thankfully we decided to record a Recovery Podcast with just Mark and me, and that actually gave me the chance to do some stuff with the equipment I got to try and play with the audio and see if I could improve audio quality. I think it came out okay.

ANYWAY, we're talking about our favorite things from the SMU game and the entire McLane Stadium experience, plus most of the SMU talk centering around the defensive line... Because really, there was SO much to talk about with that unit and so little about everybody else (except for a Silas Nacita touchdown! SALSA NACHO!!!!!).

We're also breaking down the injury situation going into this week against Northwestern State as well as how the injuries will shape the next couple of weeks. While we have a ton of injuries on the offense, it's going to be very interesting to see what this week looks like, as we'll be getting a good glimpse of what this offense will look like in 2015 and beyond.

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO: I give you The Greatest Mascot Website of All Time.

CORRECTION ON ONE THING: It was Clayton that called in, not Calvin. MY BAD.



Picks of the Week

One thing - because of the Lost Podcast and the fact we thought we weren't going to be recording, Fank volunteered to write a post about Picks Of The Week, since we're going to be tracking those for all of the podcast regulars going forward. Look for that!

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