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Podcast Episode 45: Previewing ISU; It's Not That Bad!

With Mark under the weather, I'm joined by Fankhauser to take a look at the Iowa State Cyclones, make some picks of the week, and more.

Bryce is happy for some conference football, y'all.
Bryce is happy for some conference football, y'all.
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

If you missed the Twitter announcement on Wednesday night, our fearless leader Mark was feeling under the weather and had to back out of recording for the podcast (get well very soon, Mark!). David Fankhauser graciously agreed on a moment's notice to join me and record the Iowa State preview podcast and help me answer some of the questions that y'all sent to us!

We're kicking this show off with this question:

Did Baylor Get The Stadium Size Correct?

We're kicking off with this question from reader Mike. I think you can guess our reaction. In a word: Absolutely. Better to sell out the entire season and have greater demand for tickets than trying to give them away in front of HEB (or two free tickets with the purchase of two Coke products, like Michigan). I like that they've created a "hot ticket" in Baylor football. Make the games events. When the fan base grows, then we can talk about expansion. I just don't want to see any more visiting fans in the stadium than are absolutely necessary. Next question!

Will We Hear More About Baylor's Schedule on Fox?

Very good question. Short answer: we'll hear some, probably. But not for an entire quarter and a half. We're getting Gus Johnson and let's be honest: there's far too much happening on the field for him to get excited about instead of complaining about the schedule at length. Personally, I like Gus Johnson's excitement level, it makes for some fun entertainment. But enough about that...

Previewing Iowa State!

We're talking about the "theory" that Baylor's speed offense is slowed down by grass. David Ubben linked an article from the CFB Subreddit asking the question whether playing on natural grass slows Baylor down. I think you know what our response will be, but my one thought I'll share here: winning on the road in the Big 12, or all of college football really, is hard. There are enough discussion points about Baylor's road record over the same period of time analyzed in the "theory." But you can hear more of our thoughts on the show!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Does grass really slow down Baylor's Offense?

We're talking about more than just that, though!

  • Is a methodical pace the plan for Saturday?
  • What will Iowa State give us? Will we try to establish the run regardless, or will the offense exploit the match ups they're given?
  • ASIDE: Fank was at the Buffalo game, and I ask him what the atmosphere was like in comparison to what we'll see in Ames. Short answer: Nothing like it whatsoever.
  • Do you think Baylor can put the "road struggle" narrative to bed with a solid performance on Saturday night, or will it continue regardless?
  • Iowa State has some seriously dangerous special teams.
  • Iowa State's O-Line vs. our D-Line.
  • Will Iowa State be able to test our secondary?
  • Injury returns. Have fun with that, Clones...
  • Much more.

Big 12 Recap & Picks of the Weeeeeeeeeeeek

We take a quick look back at the Big 12 games from last week. Two of the three were really interesting. The third was... Kansas. Congrats, Jayhawks! You won AND covered the spread! Side note: I gotta master the betting lingo.

Anyway, Picks of the Week! Here are your standings so far this year, with overall record:

  1. Fank: 23-8
  2. Ted: 22-9
  3. Conner: 22-9 (I don't know how to show this as a tie)
  4. Prashanth: 21-10
  5. Matt: 21-10 (same as above)
  6. Mark: 20-11
  7. Peter: 18-13
  8. Amy: 16-15

So there you have it. Fun times.


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