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OurDailyPodcast Episode 44: Blackouts, Beatings, and Schedule Rantings

If you weren't able to get a handle on it before now, you'll clearly be able to tell where everyone on the podcast falls on the current ESPN scheduling narrative. Oh yeah, we talked about the Buffalo blackout and made Picks of the Week, too!

Is it just me, or does Art Briles look like he's doing the Haka here?
Is it just me, or does Art Briles look like he's doing the Haka here?
Vaughn Ridley

Conner is back this week, and guess what? He was able to successfully complete an entire recording without destroying his computer and, in turn, an entire podcast episode! Well done, Conner! Juuuuuust kidding, Conner. We joke because we love. We're thrilled to have Conner on the podcast and think he brings a unique perspective to the show, given his on-campus perspective. We'll have to make use of that in the future!

To kick things off this time around, we're talking about the scheduling of marquee games on Thursday nights and how we feel about that practice. I brought this topic up because as I was looking at this weekend's slate, I found myself disappointed that the game I was most looking forward to ended up being on Thursday night instead of some time during the weekend. But, Mark and Conner have good things to say about the topic and ultimately bring me around.

Blackout in Buffalo: Beatings Abound

We're all about the beatings from last Friday night. The first beating we're talking about is the absolute beating it was having to listen to the ESPN announcers immediately flip from "Buffalo could come back here!" to "OMG BAYLOR'S SCHEDULE IS THE WORRRRRSTTTT UGHHHHHHHHH" in about 90 seconds somewhere in the 3rd quarter (or maybe 4th) and then continuing to talk about it for the remainder of regulation. If that's not a beating, I don't know what is.

Then we're moving on to talking about the game in general. Here things improve. We all feel that Baylor did well when it mattered, and while there was a bit of lost focus in the second half, we're all happy with the result and there's plenty to take away both as positives and possible points of improvement. Good stuff.

Picks of the Weeeeeeeeeek

Everybody did pretty good on their picks this week, with the worst record being 6-3 owned by Amy Pagitt and yours truly. Additionally, here's how the overall standings are shaping up after two weeks of picks:

  1. Fankhauser - 18-3
  2. Prashanth - 16-5
  3. TIE: Ted, Conner, Mark, & Matt - 15-8
  4. TIE: Peter, Amy - 13-8

This week provides a few interesting matchups. We'll see how it all shakes out!

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