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Podcast Episode 43A: Fank and Peter Review Northwestern State

Some unusual stuff is happening on OurDailyPodcast. In this episode, Fank and Peter are reviewing the Northwestern State Game while Mark prepares his body for the Buffalo Bulls live webcast. We've also got some of the best Bear Droppings you've ever heard.

Ronald Martinez

Short show notes tonight so that I can get these out.

Podcast Note No. 1

Mark isn't on this episode. Now, before you say "screw that!" and stop listening, I'm joined by David Fankhauser to discuss the Northwestern State game. Mark was feeling under the weather, plus he had the Last Bull In webcast so he had to be as fresh as possible for that. Fank was gracious enough to join me on the show to break down KD Cannon, Seth Russell, and of course, Silas Nacita, the Salsa Nacho.

Podcast Note No. 2

Note the A in the title for this episode... There's going to be a second episode! On Thursday night, Mark and I are going to do another "Hangout on Air" at 9pm Central time and preview the Buffalo game as well as do picks of the week. We're undecided if we'll have any guests with us. BUT, your participation is essential to the success of this broadcast! So, be here for Episode 43B!

Podcast Note No. 3

After principal recording wrapped, Tedvid was gracious enough to join me for 5ish minutes to discuss the NYC Watch party experience, and the burgeoning fan base in the City that Never Sleeps. Check it out!

Podcast Note No. 4

We have some of the best Bear Droppings you've ever heard. Plus, after the outro, some pretty cute audio. I hope you enjoy it.