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OurDailyPodcast Episode 38: This Offense Is Razor Sharp

Camp BU is in full swing and football mania is in the air. OurDailyPodcast goes on the offensive with your offensive preview show!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Friends, Camp BU is rocking and rolling, Mark is churning out the position previews, and keeping us all incredibly busy projecting the output of each Baylor player from now until Game Day. Now it's time for the podcast to get in on the action and preview the offense! Mark, Prashanth, and I take to the airwaves once again to bring you even more thoughts about the offense and what we're looking to see out of them this season. Check it out!

We're covering a bunch of different topics in this episode, including things that have absolutely nothing to do with Baylor's offense and its preparations for the season:

  • An update on the Devonte Fields situation (with probably out-of-date information at this point)
  • An update on the OU DGB situation
  • An update on Texas

But more than that, we're talking about lots of offense topics that are highly relevant and very important and interesting. Here are a few of the nuggets that we're discussing (side note: nugget is a funny word):

  • Bryce Petty: How does he top his spectacular first season as the starting QB?
  • WR: Who slides into  the #2 WR spot behind Antwan Goodley? Who else do we think will surprise us?
  • Offensive Line: Who will emerge as the starter at LG? Blake Muir or Laquan McGowan?
  • And much, much more!

We didn't quite get the chance to get to your Community Feedback, but rest assured we will get to your questions!

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