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OurDailyPodcast Episode 40: Salsa Nacho! Or, The Baylor Football Predictions Show

It's our final preseason show before we kick off with our in-season format next week, which means it's time for predictions. Which means it's time for guests! We're going game-by-game through the Baylor schedule talking about what we think will happen.

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It's the second annual predictions show! That means we're just over a week away from opening up McLane Stadium and Baylor Football finally returning to the field for action. Next week we stop dreaming and start screaming. But, we've got just a little bit of time left, and we're putting that time to (good?) use on the podcast.

Special Guests!

This week we're joined by two special guests. Returning for the predictions show for the second time is Bears Truth's own Brian Ethridge. Ethridge is one of the managers of and is an all around good guy. Also joining us, making his return to ODB since he quit writing for us and started writing for Bears Illustrated, the Scout recruiting website for Baylor. After joining the team over at in 2012, he's since become co-owner of the site. We're glad to have him back on the show!

Predictions Galore!

Games! Heismans! Playoffs! Boats! We're predicting things this week. We've got scorching hot predictions and some rather mundane ones also (SPOILER: Everyone thinks we'll beat Northwestern State and Kansas). We're making a few fun predictions sprinkled in throughout. Naturally, we're also talking about who wins the Heisman, who makes the Playoffs and who makes the National Championships. It's fun times.

Predictions We Didn't Get To

I put the call out for predictions and was going to ask some of them rapid-fire style, but since we ran long, we didn't get to them. Soooooo... It's your turn! Feel free to post your predictions about anything discussed on the podcast, but also let's predict these things!

  • Over/Under: Temperature at game time on John Eddie Williams Field: 97.5º. What you got?
  • @etbassler: Who will ISU’s annual how-did-they-do-that upset be?
  • @cms186: How many TDs will our second team score on TCU?
  • Amy Pagitt: Please predict the # of those fried cheeseburger bite things that I will stress eat in a close game (i.e. TCU). Thx. -- Let's set the Over/Under at 5.5.
  • How many series do the 1st team offense and defense play in the second half against SMU?
  • @mattisbear: predict/describe the play of the year.
  • imahammeru: Do we get a shutout? WOULD YOU RATHER: Win the National championship and have CAB and the rest of the coaching staff leave the next year OR keep Briles until he’s 80, win a Big 12 every 2-3 years and never see the National Title Game? (I hate you for this question, Ima)
  • gjeffrey: Will we have a RB/TE touchdown catch this year?

Good stuff.

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