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OurDailyPodcast Episode 36: Brilesisms and Recruiting Highs

It was a spectacular week for Baylor recruiting. And oh yeah, a little thing called the Big 12 Media Days happened. Nothing about the past week could be called disappointing, and we're breaking it down on the podcast.

Yes, Dairy Queen. We are all Bryce Petty Fans. #BlizzardsForBryce
Yes, Dairy Queen. We are all Bryce Petty Fans. #BlizzardsForBryce
Garrett Hanna

It's time! Football season is here! Fall is literally right around the corner, which means its time for teams to take to the gridiron and...

Shoot. Not quite yet. BUT, the events of the past week definitely have ramped up the excitement around ODB and the Big 12, and we're here to talk about it! This week marks the return of regular weekly podcast episodes, and Mark, Prashanth and I couldn't be more excited about getting started. What better to start off with than the Big 12 Media Days?

Media Daze

The Big 12 Media Days were this week, and we have TONS to talk about!

  • "One True Champion" and how to have one
  • Sexy logo talk
  • Briles' wardrobe
  • Hunter vs. Hunted mentality
  • Bulletin board material in general
  • Nonconference Schedule and "just keep winning" - Prashanth makes the most cogent argument FOR Baylor's current strategy that I've heard, and you need to listen to it.

ALL of the Recruits!

Last week was possibly the greatest week that Baylor football has ever had from a recruiting standpoint. We're breaking it down, plus sharing some tidbits about possible 2015 recruits as well. NOTE: Don't tweet at recruits.

Programming Note

We're back, people, and we are here for regular weekly broadcasts until the season starts. Not counting this episode, we've got five weeks between now and the season. Here's a tentative schedule:

  • Week 1: Baylor & Big 12 Schedule Breakdown. Maybe.
  • Week 2: Offensive Preview and Mailbag
  • Week 3: Defensive Preview and Mailbag
  • Week 4: Outrageous Predictions Show with possible "Honorable" guest
  • Week 5: SMU Preview Extravaganza!

And just like that, the season will be here, and we will resume our twice-weekly format of the regular season. It's almost here, folks. Enjoy.

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