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Our Daily Podcast Episode 34: The Sweet Sixteen

Matt, David, and Peter take to the airwaves to talk all about March Madness and Baylor's run to the Sweet Sixteen, plus a look ahead at Wisconsin and answer your questions.

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The podcast couldn’t miss the opportunity to talk about this magical time of year. Peter is joined by Matt Isbear and Fankhauser to weigh in on all things March Madnessy. As you may or may not know, Mark was on Radio Wisconsin on Monday, so he was all audio’ed out by the time we recorded this. I looked for audio from it to link to the stream, but apparently the Wisconsin radio station recorded every hour of the show save the one in which Mark participated. Curses!

Apologies for not getting this out quicker than today. Work exploded in my face yesterday and I got home last night and collapsed in a heap of complete and utter uselessness. Hopefully you’re able to enjoy the pod in advance of tomorrow’s excitement.

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year?

Matt and David agree: This is the best time of the year from a sporting perspective. I can’t say that I fully disagree from a compacted, intensity point of view, but am a little more hesitant. What say you? Is this the most wonderful time of the year for sports? Talk about it in the contents.

Tournament Talk!

David, Matt, and I share our thoughts on the most surprising aspects of the tournament so far. There’s been a LOT of upsets this yea, but is that any different than any other year? Regardless, it’s made the tournament extremely exciting thus far. We also talk a bit about Baylor’s matchup vs. Nebraska, the crowd, the defense, and more.

Baylor Crushes Creighton

Baylor handles Creighton and its star performer, Doug McDermott in a massive way. Could there be a more perfectly executed game plan? We talk all about it. I could write about what we talked about, but then I’d leave you no reason to listen to the podcast.


Of course, we talk more about Wisconsin to help prepare you for our Sweet Sixteen Matchup on Thursday. Get pumped.

Community Feedback!

MattyMattMatt put out the call on Twitter right before we recorded, and you all responded. We answer your questions and apologize to TinyArtBriles. Conner asks one of the more awkward questions the podcast has ever had. Also, Matt doesn’t want to put the horse before the cart. Matt likes his carts going first, dang it.

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