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Podcast Episode 53: Andrew Billings Is Ready For OU

Andrew Billings straight up runs a guy down, Bryce Petty is ready for OU, and much, much more on this episode of OurDailyPodcast!

Art Briles expresses his displeasure with Time Warner Cable.
Art Briles expresses his displeasure with Time Warner Cable.
Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

You might have seen on Twitter that we decided not to record because Mark is locked in mortal combat with Time Warner Cable over his Internet subscription. The conglomerate is winning, and it doesn't look like he'll have adequate service until later on in the week. Clearly, Time Warner Cable is NOT #ReadyForOU As such, Prashanth and I enlisted David Fankhauser to aid us in our nefarious schemes of... recording a podcast.

Nightmare Scenario

Prashanth leads us off with just the worst possible outcome to the rest of the season, and we're briefly discussing just how that worst possible outcome would be resolved. Our answer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ or possibly even graduation rates. But pay heed, this is the sort of thing thought up by the evil genius that is Prashanth Francis. The scariest part—his scenario is absolutely within the realm of reason.

If you're really interested in how the Big 12 actually determines their "One True Champion," you can check out their full tiebreaker procedures here. It's pretty convoluted and may cause annoyance, depression and itching.

Homecoming & Kansas Recap

We're recapping a little bit of homecoming and the success of the Stripeout before getting into the meat of the Kansas Recap. Here are some of the major points we're hitting:

  • This isn't "just Kansas," especially on defense. They're Power Five bad, not mid-major bad.
  • What we wanted to see on Saturday vs. what we saw.
  • Offensive Line Performance
  • Petty's Performance
  • The offense, despite all of the grousing and grumbling, is still elite.
  • To that point: Are we, as a fan base, spoiled by the play of previous seasons?
  • Running back performance and situation: Is Johnny Jefferson our home run threat?
  • Andrew Billings. Andrew. Freaking. Billings. Playing deep safety, dropping into coverage, chasing down Corey Avery. The man is the real deal, and it was so impressive.
  • Kansas rushed 27 times for 16 yards (yes, Prashanth says it incorrect at first, but corrects himself). That's just ridiculous.
  • The defense did exactly what it needed to do.
  • Shawn Oakman: much better.
  • A bit of Chuy's talk diversion... Chuy's Creamy Jalapeño is the best. Bryce Petty knows this.
  • Bryce is also #ReadyForOU. NOTE: FULL CREDIT TO ESPN 1660 Central Texas for the press conference audio.

Yeah, we're talking about the press conference and have the full audio. You won't want to miss this. Is this Bryce Petty's version of the Nick Florence Beard? We certainly hope so.

Plus what to expect from our offense going forward from here.

Big 12 Recap and Picks of The Week

Prashanth lightning rounds us through the Big 12 games, since both Fank and I were out of pocket for most of Saturday with Homecoming. Still no word on Mark's position on the Red Raider Quarterback depth chart at this point. We'll keep you updated.

Picks of the Week

Mark and I continue our climb out of the cellar and into solid mediocrity with this week's picks. I led the charge at 8-1, while Mark was a solid 7-2 on the week. Only Fank was above .500 amongst the leaders, giving him a chance to pull ahead just a touch. All in all, a solid week for everyone, and all are once again above .500 on the season. Check out the full standings:



Last Week


1 Fankhauser
T-2 Pras
T-2 Tedvid
T-2 Conner 4-5 45-35
5 Peter 8-1 43-37
T-6 Seymour 7-2 41-39
T-6 Pagitt 4-5 41-39
8 DEAD TO US mattisbear 0-9 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Broadcast Note

Given some scheduling issues, it's likely that the OU preview will be a LIVE PREVIEW POD on Thursday evening. We'll work to confirm that and try to have plans solidified in time to let you all know in an upcoming DBR. Rest assured, we WILL be #ReadyForOU.

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