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Podcast Episode 47: Spencer Roth Saves The Day!

Baylor went to Austin Saturday and emerged from a challenging contest with a solid victory. We're taking a closer look on the podcast at it and the crazy college football weekend we all just experienced.

Christian Petersen

Well, that was a fun weekend, wasn't it? So much happened, and the Baylor Bears emerged victorious from Saturday's contest with the Texas Longhorns. It wasn't always pretty, but it wasn't nearly as horrible as many of us felt it was while watching the game live on our television screens. Mark and I are talking about the game, our impressions, and what we can take away from it. Since this is a recap episode, we're looking back at Saturday's game and the craziness that happened last weekend. We'll look ahead to TCU in a separate episode later this week. Meanwhile, we've got your covered for Texas!

Spencer. Roth.

Mark called Spencer Roth's fake punt as the play of the game in his Morning After post, and I completely agree with him. While our defense was solid throughout the game and the rushing attack achieved a modicum of success, the fake punt was the spark that the offense needed to finally break through and at least bear passing resemblance to the Baylor offense we all know and love. It seemed like after that play, the offense was back to its up-tempo, high octane self; and just a few plays after Spencer Roth made his dramatic run up the right side of the field, Bryce Petty hit Antwan Goodley on a pass that was vintage Bryce.

After we broadcasted the offensive and defensive preview shows back in the summer, someone (darthbear, I think?) asked me on Twitter if we were going to do a show about special teams. A silly thought crossed my mind, and this tweet was the result.

It got favorited by Roth, which was fun, but I think that Mark's tweet from last December really was what put the fire in Roth's belly and motivated him to race down the field and into our hearts on Saturday.* In case you missed it, here is that tweet:

*Not really.

Anyway, we talk about it on the podcast just a bit, but probably don't give it the attention that it properly deserves. I'd already decided that I wanted the title of this show to be something Spencer Roth-related, so there you go.

Random Officiating Thought

We get into the officiating for a bit on the show, which we agree was equal-opportunity bad. My random officiating thought for this podcast that I didn't share was this: Intentional Grounding: Is it "intentional" when a QB is hit during the throwing motion and the ball clearly sails out of his hand? I get that it's probably still a penalty, but the "intentional" part of the ruling irked me on Saturday, because that clearly wasn't Petty's intent.

Anyway, that's all I've got for this post. Enjoy the podcast!

Question of the Week

Was this the craziest weekend in college football history? What was the craziest portion of it? Talk about it in the comments! And talk about anything else, too. Even your favorite pizza toppings. You can talk about that if you want.

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