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Podcast Episode 46: Slow & Tired vs. Hot Reads & Cold Veers

The combination of two separate recordings in to one enormous podcast is upon us. Come check it out.

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Well, this was an interesting week. Due to travel and some family matters, we had to juggle our schedule to make the podcast work. And, more or less, we made it work. Great job, team!

First off, a huge thanks to Fankhauser and Pagitt for coming on the show this week, filling in for Mark as he dealt with some family matters. After a full day of travel across half the country, I knew I would be tired, but what I didn't realize was that my cohosts would be just as tired. That resulted in a little bit of a, shall we say, relaxed recording with a cursory UT preview. That's not quite what we're used to, and because this game deserves more than a haphazard preview, Mark and I decided to do a live broadcast of a more in-depth preview of UT, bringing the analytical pain as only Mark (and probably Prashanth) can do. That's the reason for all of the comments on the post, if you're only now seeing it for the first time.

So, what resulted was basically two shows once again, but this time, because of work constraints I was unable to finish editing the original recording before the live show, so what I did was append the "live" show to the original recording, unedited. You'll heart he original recording in its entirety*, then you'll hear a brief interlude, followed by the recording that Mark and I broadcasted on Thursday night. If video is more your bag, I've left the video embedded in this post.

*The term "entirety" is intended to have its loosest possible definition, seeing that there were plenty of outtakes and sections that were left on the cutting room floor.

Anyway, thanks for enduring a long week without a podcast. I'm hopeful that this coming week will see the return of the twice-weekly broadcast with separate recap and preview episodes so that we can deliver more great audio content direct to your ears. Enjoy!

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