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Podcast Episode 50: Bryce, Get Them Points!

It's time to preview West Virginia, our keys to the game, their wonderful roster names, Picks of the Week and answer your questions!

Tom Pennington

Oh my goodness, it's our second episode in a row with everybody being in their normal recording locations! It must be some kind of record or something! Or... not. Anyway, it's a good thing when we're all in our natural habitats. And we're pumped to talk about this week's massive game on the road against the West Virginia Mountaineers. ALSO! It's our 50th episode of the podcast! Thanks to all of you who download and/or listen to the podcast each week. We are greatly appreciative.

First Things First

In case you haven't been paying close attention for the past two years, you don't know that your Baylor Bears have a massive, and I mean MASSIVE, rivalry with West Virginia. Back in August, those well-known college football experts and historians at Southern Living Magazine asked their readers to tell them what their favorite college football rivalry was. Was it the Iron Bowl between Alabama and Auburn? Clemson vs. South Carolina? Florida vs. Florida State? Or Baylor vs. West Virginia? We at ODB agreed with Southern Living, and asked you, dear ODB Commentariat, to vote on which game in this rich, storied rivalry was your favorite. Nearly 200 of you responded by choosing from a vast array of two choices, electing the 2013 clash of these rivals as your favorite. We couldn't agree more.

News Team, Assemble!

Don't you love the News Team? We do, and it's been FAR too long since we trotted it out. Anyway, we're talking about the #StripeMcLane effort for Homecoming against Kansas and our excitement about it, as well as the Blackout against Oklahoma State on November 22. We've talked about it already on the blog, but we can't help ourselves, this is going to be really cool. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors. These are exciting things, people. Once more, because it's worth getting that image out again, here's the #StripeMcLane layout:

Next up we're talking about the Student Bus packages for the game against the Oklahoma Sooners in November that students waited in line for over four hours to get these passes, and they sold out in a little over 1 hour 20 minutes. That's pretty impressive. We're talking about what it says that the students snatched up all of those bus passes in that amount of time in the context of building a big time program and football culture at Baylor. If you're a student and you weren't fortunate enough to get a ticket, you can still make the trip with your friends in your own vehicle. The more the merrier! We also segue a little bit into the level of excitement of the fan base as a whole, and we all agree: there's not a more excited fan base in the state of Texas right now (thank you, football team, for beating TCU and enabling us to say that).

Previewing West Virginia

We're breaking down this matchup in all sorts of interesting ways. Many of you have commented on it, and we concur: the single best way to slow down the West Virginia offense is to get to Clint Trickett early and often. If Shawn Oakman and the rest of the pass rushers can harry Trickett frequently in the early goings of this game, it's probable that he'll get off his game and won't be accurate in getting the ball to the man that is clearly their best player in Kevin White. We're also giving tremendous respect to Head Coach Dana Holgorsen because the man knows his stuff. We think that they'll try and counter that pressure by getting the ball out of Trickett's hands quickly and into the hands of their WRs and RBs (which they use in the passing game more frequently than Baylor does theirs, as Mark mentioned in the First Look post). Trickett is pretty good at doing that so it will be interesting to see how they do.

Another key will be solid, fundamental tackling. For the perceived challenges in the secondary, Ryan Reid and Xavien Howard have been excellent in not giving up a ton of yards after the catch with solid fundamentals in tackling.

BUT WAIT: This West Virginia team may be the best roster in terms of guys with excellent names. Rushel Shell. Wendell Smallwood, point guard for Hickory High School. Dreamius Smith. DaeJuan Funderburk. Dontrill Hyman. The list goes on.

We realize that we didn't talk in great detail about our offense vs. their defense, but we got a bit of talk in there about it. We just had to move on for time purposes.

Picks of the Week

Game (spread)








A&M @ Alabama (-11.5) A&M
A&M Bama A&M
A&M(¯\_(ツ)_/¯ / Reverse Jinx)
Notre Dame @ FSU (-11.5) ND
(-3) Stanford @ ASU Stan
Stan Stan Stan
ISU @ Texas (-12.5) UT
KU @ Tech (-14) Tech
Tech Tech KU
Coach Bro's Bros
OkSt @ TCU (-8) TCU
K-State @ OU (-8) OU
(-8) Baylor @ WVU Baylor
Baylor Baylor Baylor
WVU (Double Reverse Jinx!)

Community Feedback!

Thanks for sending in those questions, all you who did. With an open date looming after West Virginia, you can bet that we'll be reaching out to you all for more questions in the next week or so. Remember, you can send us questions to the podcast by emailing them at OurDailyPodcast(at)gmail(dot)com, tweeting at the podcast (linked below), asking Mark via email or Twitter, or calling That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line at (774) 25-SICEM (774-257-4236). Podcasts are always better with listener interaction, and we covet yours!

Lastly... Bryce Petty, you go get it. You pad those stats. We love it.

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