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Podcast Episode 49: Chris Callahan, You Beautiful Man

A wild fracas in Waco, and Baylor emerges victorious from the fray. We're talking all about it on the latest OurDailyPodcast!

It's guy love between two guys.
It's guy love between two guys.
Tom Pennington

Saturday was something amazing to behold. Whether you watched the game on television or in person (or, if you heard it on the radio or for some ungodly reason could only follow it on gamecast, for that matter), that was one of the most incredible finishes to a game that I have ever seen. Of course we have a TON to say about it on the podcast, and of course we're all over the place. I don't even know how to break this down in show notes form.

I suppose, first things first, we're talking about the game from a 30,000 foot perspective takeaways were from the game. Each of us has something different, and it's fun.

Then we talk about some more stuff that I can't remember, but it's in there and worth listening to!

Mark goes on a bit of a rant, and that's great. Prashanth and I agree, of course. Additionally, we're discussing the comments Patterson made about apologizing before the game vs. what he said at media days in burying the hatchet. In case you're curious, here are those comments:

I'm also talking a little bit about the atmosphere inside the stadium. If you haven't heard or weren't there, it was the loudest place I've ever been. Those last 10 minutes were spectacular. Also: if you were at the game and you truly felt the entire time that we were going to win, I want to hear from you.

Next up: Favorite play of the game.

First Question For the Commentariat: What was your favorite play of the game?

Next we're talking about players we were most impressed with throughout the game. I bet you can figure out exactly who we're talking about.

If you were surprised by who it was I was referring to above, then the next guy we talk about will be your guy, most likely. I'm being cryptic.

And of course, we would be remiss if we didn't talk about the turnaround of Bryce Petty in this game... BUT OPPOSING TEAM COMPLETION PERCENTAGES! And then back to Petty a bit more. His fourth quarter was spectacular.

Plus some final thoughts.

So... There you go. Some show notes. Now... GO LISTEN!

Second Question for the Commentariat: Suppose that the Top Ten teams are all on a level field, whether all undefeated or all one loss. Who are your Top 4?

Picks of the Week!!

Here they are, as promised, if a bit late:



Last Week


1 Ted
2 Conner
3 Pras
4 Fankhauser 3-5 32-25
T-5 Seymour 3-5 28-29
T-5 Amy 5-3 28-29
7 Peter 1-9 27-30
8 DEAD TO US mattisbear 0-9 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Yeah... rough times for your podcast host. 1-9 is easily the worst record anyone has had all year long. But, when 5-3 is the best record of the week (well done Ted, Conner & Amy), all it'll take is a couple of undefeated weeks and I'll be right back in the thick of things! Right?

I think the take away from all of this is: For the love of all that is green and good in this world, do not use us as a guide to place any wagers at any sort of establishment in Nevada or other locale. These picks are obviously for entertainment purposes only, and CLEARLY not intended to guide your wagering mechanisms. If you're using them as such, may God have mercy on your soul, for our picks will not.

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