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Fiesta Bowl Preview Podcast

Mark and Peter fly... Duo? Duet? Anyway, Mark and Peter team up to form an unstoppable combination of Fiesta Bowl Previewing goodness.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

It's time for the final podcast of 2013! Are you ready? Certainly you are. Mark and Peter join forces to give you a preview of the Fiesta Bowl plus much, much more. If only we could remember Brett Hundley's name.

Note: Peter's schedule has been particularly hectic, with this recording sandwiched in between a move and flying out to the Fiesta Bowl. In fact, when this post publishes, Peter will be in the air on his way to Phoenix. Thus, Peter recorded both audio feeds in order to get it up and online as quickly as possible. We hope you enjoy it anyway.

News Team, you know the rest

We cover a couple of hot topics, including the renaming of McLane Stadium and the Art Briles brouhaha. Note: IT'S NOT A BROUHAHA. STOP THINKING OF IT AS A BROUHAHA. Brouhaha.


It may sound like some sort of cosmic bowling offshoot, but it's not. Mark and Peter do their dead-level best to preview this game in a meaningful way. I'd give more information, but I don't want to spoil it. Listen to it.

QUESTION FOR LISTENERSHIP: The O/U is 69.5. Are you taking the over? Why or why not?

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