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OurDailyPodcast Episode 17: BlackOUt!

It's Blackout Eve, and we've got a podcast to entertain you as you make your final preparations for the game!

BLACKOUT TIME! We're excited. This is raw audio for the most part as you'll notice in the first couple of minutes, folks, since we're doing such a quick turnaround to get it out to you, but it still works. It's long, but would you expect anything different from us? Enjoy it on your way to the game! Enjoy it at the game! But do not enjoy it during the game. Enjoy the game itself.

News & Notes

It's a sellout, and a tarp-off, and 10,500 students pulled tickets. It's going to be amazing. Is it possible for a fan base to be too turnt up? I don't think so. Podcast side note: Ty Hildenbrandt will join us on Sunday night to recap the OU game!

Oklahoma Preview

Important things are discussed here that have an impact on the lives of many.

No Huddle

We put out the call, and you guys answered. A great round of questions, folks. Thanks. Also: the results of the No Huddle question I asked on Twitter. You all agree that we'll break the record. ALSO: Who do you think should play the villain coach to Art Briles' hero coach in the Hollywood movie?

Picks of the Week

For entertainment purposes only, here are the picks of the week. I'll update these notes at some point.

Community Feedback!

Thanks for sending in your questions! Great stuff.

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