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OurDailyPodcast Episode 21: Too Big To Love

Amy and Fankhauser join Mark and Peter for a massive amount of podcasting. So much that it took me this long to get it ready. I hope you enjoy it! We had fun making it.

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

Greetings, my friends. Relax, take a load off, and gather 'round your favorite podcast listening device of choice. Four friends gathered one fateful Wednesday night to record a podcast known as OurDailyPodcast. As Amy, David, Mark, and Peter sat down to share their thoughts on all things Baylor, they did not expect or imagine what was about to happen. What ensued over the next two hours was equal parts hilarity and terrifying. The name of Texas Tech was invoked. Offense and defense was confused regularly. The simplest of names was mispronounced. It was a dumpster fire of epic proportions. Yet, from the ashes, a podcast episode arose. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you that podcast.

News & Notes

We've experienced ALL of the injuries! Oh noes!

Oklahoma State Preview

Contrary to what Peter may say (many, many times), this is not the Texas Tech preview week. It's the Oklahoma State preview. We're here to calm your fears. Or maybe exacerbate them. I'm not entirely sure.

No Huddle

A very good set of No Huddle questions (thanks to you, loyal listener) is immediately driven right into a ditch. Also, this is for Amy and anyone else who hasn't read it: Meet BEEFTANK, the Jaguars' 400-pound quarterback. Also this: Jaguars 42, Broncos 0: The return of BEEFTANK

Picks of the Week (picks of the weeeeeeek)

Here are your picks! Reminder: these are for entertainment purposes only.

  • (Fank, Mark) Aggy @ LSU (-4.5)(Amy, Peter)
  • OU @ K-State (-4.5) (Unanimous)
  • Kansas @ Iowa State (-5) (Unanimous)
  • (Peter, Amy, Mark) (-9.5) Baylor @ Oklahoma State (Fank)

Community Feedback

First off, let me say that you guys are AWESOME. You came out of the woodwork and put together an impressive list of signs. You even created a fan post about it. If you haven't clicked over to it, you should do so now! We weren't able to get to all of the suggested GameDay signs, but we did give you several of our favorites. Plus, we're putting our favorites to a vote! Plus, I still want to hear more sign options in the comments, so keep sharing!

A couple of the sign ideas needed formatting that the poll options couldn't provide. Here they are:

oso.johnny's sign:

havE we

pbpope's sign:

Can God Save a hooker Orange Pride Escort?

We got a couple of calls on That Good Ol' Baylor Phone Line, but both of them were really difficult to hear. Sorry about that.

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