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OurDailyPodcast Episode 9: Kirobaito Saves The Day

Some major audio issues forced an emergency re-recording of Episode 9 in the waning hours of Thursday night. We cannot be held fully responsible for what follows.

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Greetings, ODB'ers (ODBears? I like ODBears)! It's time for yet another episode of everyone's favorite official podcast of Our Daily Bears. Those other official podcasts of Our Daily Bears can suck it. We're the best. Join Mark, Prashanth and I as we wax poetic about the West Virginia game and all sorts of other fun topics. No special guest, but Mark Seymour is so money that we don't even need one this week. Try if you dare, but nobody can handle the bling that Prashanth brings. And now, onto the show notes!


All of that which was before had to be thrown out the window when about 25 minutes into the podcast, Prashanth's audio cut out and failed to return. 90 minutes of attempted resuscitation were an utter failure, and Prashanth's audio was pronounced dead on the scene. Due to his being a medical student, Prashanth was unavailable to re-record something tonight, so Mark and I decided to cut some audio quick and dirty. Mark put out the call on Twitter, and our very own Kirobaito answered the call. He joins us this week as our super-special lifesaving guest. Thanks, Kiro! You are a gentleman and a scholar.

PLEASE NOTE: The audio for this episode is probably pretty rough. I didn't edit it at all, and I recoded it all on my machine instead of using separate tracks like we normally do. Hopefully it's still listenable. It's pared down, so we don't have everything that would have been in the show had we recorded normally and it's a little more free-flowing. But, here's what you would have heard had we been able to give you the original audio. As it stands, we didn't really review WVU and spent only a couple of minutes on the preview. The rest is more fun stuff. But, here are the show notes as the would have been had all gone according to our original plan:

News & Notes

  • BIG HUGE PODCAST NEWS (you gotta listen to get it for now!)
  • The Solid Verbal says Baylor's floor is 10 wins. What the what. Seriously, if you don't yet, you should listen to their show. It's wildly entertaining.
  • Bill Connelly vs. Dan Rubenstein: The Baylor Love Fest Battle (this was totally going to be my show title at first)
  • Advanced stats are absolutely bonkers about Baylor right now. What the what!

West Virginia Breakdown

Yep, it was pretty amazing.

The No Huddle

Seriously, I thought you guys did fantastic with the questions this week. Keep 'em coming!

Kansas State Preview!

Community Feedback

Stick around after the show closes down for special audio with the podcast from the K-State SB Nation Site Bring on The Cats! Ahearn Alley and Derek Smith join me for a fun time. It's worth sticking around for.

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