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PODCAST! Soakin’ Up Moonshine or, The Big 12 Schedule

The Big 12 released a schedule! We’re hitting all the interesting points, including Baylor’s full schedule!

Podcast! A Smorgasbord of Fun

Coffey, Fank, and Peter hit the microphones for the first time in 2023 to talk about the closing weeks of 2022, bowl games, playoffs, the transfer portal, and more. It’s another smorgasbord of fun!

Podcast: Armed Forced Bowl Preview!

Coffey, Fank & Peter do their duty and bring you a Preview Podcast of the Armed Forces Bowl: Air Force vs. Baylor

Podcast: A Smorgasbord of Fun!

PODCAST! We’re talking about schedules, Britney Griner, Championships and Playoffs, Bowls, the Portal, and more!

PODCAST! Multiple Microcosms

The boys look back at the final two games of the season, then turn their eyes to a myriad of postseason topics, including staff changes, transfer portal news, the Big 12 Championship game, and much more!

PODCAST! Terms & Conditions Accepted or, Fart Worth

The fellas try to make sense of one of the most disappointing outings in the history of McLane Stadium plus a look ahead to TCU and whether the Bears can ruin the Frog’s party.

PODCAST: A Normal Speed Episode

The gang takes a look back at Baylor’s gritty win in Norman over the Oklahoma Sooners before looking ahead to a huge matchup against Kansas State under the lights at McLane Stadium on Saturday.

PODCAST! The Final Infinity Stone

Coffey, Fank, & Peter take a look back at Baylor’s homecoming win over Kansas that saw the team figuring some things out (with some familiar struggles), plus turning towards an electric matchup in Lubbock on Saturday night against Texas Tech.

PODCAST! Our Own Worst Enemy

The fellas take an honest look at where the 2022 Baylor Football team is at the midpoint of the season. We’re looking at the bright and not-so-bright spots along the way.

PODCAST! Put Up or Shut Up Time!

Coffey, Fank, and Peter break down an important Thursday matchup against West Virginia in Morgantown, plus picks of the week!

PODCAST! Yung Shee May Need to See the (General) Booty

Fank and Peter recap the tough loss to Oklahoma State, then take a spin around the Big 12 and other topics with CBS Sports’ Shehan Jeyarajah!

The Podcast’s Got the Juice! *WEAR GOLD*

Coffey, Fank & Peter look back at a very solid road win over Iowa State before turning their eyes upon the Gold Out game against Oklahoma State on Saturday.

PODCAST! When Apu’s Dancing Good Things are Happening

Coffey, Fank and Peter break down a fairly straightfoward win against Texas State that neither blew us away nor was as frustrating as the initial reactions would indicate, then look ahead to a pivotal matchup against Iowa State.

PODCAST! Razor Thin Margins (BYU Recap, Texas State Preview)

Coffey, Fank & Peter take time to break down the loss to BYU, dispel what appear to be some common myths about the performance, and look ahead to a home tilt against Texas State on Saturday.

PODCAST! Black Blackmar’s Got Some DAWG in ‘im!

Former offensive lineman and current don of the #BaylorMeatMafia Blake Blackmar joins Coffey and Pope to look back at the win over Albany and preview BYU.

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Podcast! It’s Time for Season Predictions!

Coffey, Fank, and Pope reunite to give you what may be their boldest set of predictions in the podcast’s history. Game-by-game, how do we think the Bears will fare in 2022?

PODCAST! A Clawlike Structure Full of Teams or, the Baylor Defensive Preview

Travis Roeder joins Fank and Peter once again to break down the newly released depth chart and preview the 2022 Baylor Defense.

PODCAST!! Seth Russell Previews Baylor’s Offense

Seth Russell joins Fank and Pope to help break down the 2022 offense and what we might expect from this intriguing unit.

PODCAST! Grayson Grundhoefer on Austin Novosad, Fall Camp, & More!

SicEm 365’s Grayson Grundhoefer joins Fank and Peter to talk about Austin Novosad’s affirmation of his Baylor commitment, expectations and excitement for Fall Camp, and a fun thought experiment about wins and losses.

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Podcast: You Can’t Outrun the Bear, but You Can Train Her!

David Hornbeak joins the podcast to talk about his experience as a Bear Trainer and give a behind the scenes look at Baylor’s beloved mascot.

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PODCAST! Sources are Telling SwimSwam...

Coffey, Fank, and Peter break down some of the developments over the past month or so in recruiting, realignment, and some of the preseason accolades. Baylor Football soon come!

PODCAST! Big Pirate Energy (ft. Locked On Baylor’s Drake Toll)

Drake Toll of Locked On Baylor joins Fank and Pope to discuss the goings on in the world of Baylor Football over the past few weeks.

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PODCAST! Flubberesque Pterodactyl Arms or, the 2022 Spring Game Recap

Fank and Pope are joined this week by Travis Roeder to take a look at the 2022 Spring Game performances, individual highlights, and an update on the QB Position Battle!

Podcast: Big 12 Commissioner Paul Playoffsky

After a couple of months off, Coffey, Fank and Pope return to the podcast to discuss some of the latest news, recruiting, and spring ball!

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PODCAST! 2021 Baylor Football Season Recap

The 2021 college football season is in the books, and the boys are taking a look back at our favorite moments of Baylor’s season, some of the funniest moments, and then taking a look ahead at what’s to come in 2022.

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PODCAST!! Pour Some Sugar on Us

Coffey, Fank, & Peter break down a dominant Bears defensive performance and everything else in Baylor’s 21-7 win over Ole Miss. We’re breaking down the game, talking about the atmosphere in New Orleans, a bit about the CFP, plus some... unique... trash talk from opposing fans.

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PODCAST! Horse Pants and Sugar Bowl Previews

Coffey rejoins Fank and Pope to break down Baylor’s second trip to the Sugar Bowl in three years to face off against Lane Kiffin and the Ole Miss Rebels.

PODCAST! The Solid Verbal’s Ty Hildenbrandt talks College Football and Baylor in 2021

Ty Hildenbrandt, co-host of the Solid Verbal, joins Fank and Peter to talk about this dumb sport of college football that we all love so much, the 2021 Baylor football season, and much more.

Podcast!! Early Signing Day Spectacular! (feat. Travis Roeder)

Travis Roeder, now of, rejoins Fank and Peter to talk through Baylor’s 2022 Recruiting Class as it stands after Early Signing Day. We’re deep diving on all the recruits that Baylor signed in the early window!

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Basketpod: New Beginnings, Bears Keep Winning

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PODCAST!! Jairon McVea & The Big 12 Champions

The Baylor Bears are Big 12 Champions, and Baylor Football has a new legend in Jairon McVea for his heroics on the penultimate play of the game, stopping Oklahoma State mere inches from the goal line. Coffey, Fank, & Peter are breaking down this instant classic of a game.

PODCAST!! Big Bucks, No Hammies!

Coffey, Fank & Peter come back to talk more about coaching changes, the 2022 Big 12 Schedule, CFP Rankings, and oh yeah... THE BIG 12 CHAMPIONSHIP GAME! Baylor vs. Oklahoma State.


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