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January/Baylor Recruiting Mailbag!

It's that time again to open up the OurDailyMailbag for questions/thoughts/wants/desires/whatever you want. If you have a question, we can give you an answer.

You guys know the drill.  You can ask anything you want related to Baylor, CFB, CBB, the State of Texas, the 1916 Battle of the Somme, proper technique for replacing the axle on an 87 Bronco, anything.  We might have to look a few answers up, though.

Last month's potential topics:

  • The 2014 Fiesta Bowl
  • Baylor Football Recruiting
  • Baylor Basketball Recruiting
  • The 2013 Football Season
  • The 1995 Dallas Cowboys
  • Yaks
  • SB Nation and its fine assortment of blogs
  • Brian Nance
  • Our 2014 depth charts
  • ODB's continued recruiting of talented, passionate writers!

All right, then.  If you're too shy to post it here, you can also shoot me a question by email at OurDailyBears (at) gmail (dot) com, as well.  This is intended to be a collaborative effort, so if someone asks something to which you know the answer, by all means share it!.