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ODB Mailbag 2.0: July 19, 2013

It's time again to open up the mailbag for questions from the ODB community. You can ask anything and I'll do my best to answer or direct you to someone who can.

The Inaugural ODB Mailbag turned into what I would call a success, so here we are again. If you have questions, you can either email me at OurDailyBears (at) gmail (dot) com or you can post them here. As I said last time:

Don't be shy about subject matter or what you want to know; if you have a question about anything from recruiting to track to stadium seating, if I or anyone else here can answer it, we will. Posters, feel free to respond as you want. This is intended to be a collaborative effort.

I'll keep this one open as long as the questions keep coming. Happy Friday, everybody!

P.S. If you send me one through email, it might take a little longer to respond. I don't check that as often as I should.