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December/Fiesta Bowl Mailbag!

By popular request, it is time once again for a Mailbag! Ask any questions you like about almost anything related to Baylor Athletics (or not, I guess), and we'll do our best to answer them.

Have questions heretofore unanswered? Now is your time to answer them. Anything goes in the OurDailyMailbag, and there are no stupid questions. I'll give you potential topics, but you are by no means limited to them:

  • The 2014 Fiesta Bowl
  • Baylor Football Recruiting
  • Baylor Basketball Recruiting
  • The 2013 Football Season
  • The 1995 Dallas Cowboys
  • Yaks
  • SB Nation and its fine assortment of blogs
  • Brian Nance
  • Our 2014 depth charts
  • ODB's continued recruiting of talented, passionate writers!
See? Anything you want. We'll open this up and leave it for several days to give everyone a chance to ask their questions. All should feel free to answer, if you can. As always, this is intended to be a collaborative effort among the ODB Commentariat. You can check out past Mailbags using the link above and to the left of this post!