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Announcing the Next Era of OurDailyBears

Matt Wilson will take over as Editor-in-Chief of ODB on December 1.

Oklahoma v Baylor Photo by Ron Jenkins/Getty Images

Since ODB went live on November 9, 2011, we have gone through a number of changes, transitions, and iterations. We have had dozens of contributors cycle through the ranks, all of them appreciated and deserving of thanks and four of which are now major contributors at paid sites across the Baylor Athletics spectrum, numerous attempted and successful recurring features, created a Podcast that now has nearly 300 episodes, and had at least a hand in the creation of several others. Two different Managing Editors have come through, first myself and then Kendall beginning in 2016. After 5+ great years in that role, Kendall is now leaving us for the paywall pastures of SicEm365, and we wish him the absolute best in his future endeavors, while I’ve just ... stuck around for lack of a better phrase as a sort of Editor Emeritus.

But now we’re looking to the future of ODB after the first decade of its existence and what that future holds. And to that end, I am thrilled to be given the opportunity to announce that as of December 1, 2021, the new Managing Editor of will be none other than our own Matt Wilson (@mattisbear on Twitter). Matt has been a longtime contributor to the site in one form or another, and you’ve probably heard him on ODP basketball podcasts in the past, seen his posts from time to time on the blog, or, more recently, you have listened to his new podcast with Evan Hebert, Between Two Bears. If you do not follow Matt on Twitter already, I highly suggest that you rectify that immediately.

I cannot say for certain what the future holds for ODB in terms of features or coverage, but I can tell you that is something Matt intends to hit the ground running to work on immediately, as evidenced by the fact that this position has been open for a grand total of 3 days, and he’s already filling it. I won’t try to speak for him here, but I know for a fact this is a challenge Matt has been interested in taking on for some time now, and I believe he is more than up to it. There should be no question that ODB is in good hands going forward, and I, of course, intend to help as much as I can in any way that I can in those efforts. I could not be more excited to work with Matt and see him carry the torch here at ODB into the next decade.

So please join me in welcoming Matt as the new Managing Editor of ODB and congratulate him on his new post and the beginning of the next era of!

RECRUITMENT PLUG: If you read this and are interested in contributing to ODB in any way in the future, please feel free to reach out to Matt or me on Twitter or via email (click on my profile or his when he comments below) so we can start that discussion. There are plenty of opportunities available, and as you can see from recent history, what starts here can literally change the world of Baylor sports coverage.