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daddingo, This Post's for You

There really is no end or beginning to a season as each season is inextricably connected to all others before and after. Like TGCAB says, Baylor is a young brand. How we remember the 2015 season affects future seasons.

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Somewhere in the cosmos floats my inspiration, my creativity, my drive and my ambition to put to pen something new.  It flits, it flirts, and it spirits around like vapor in a playful wind.   Oh, what to write about.  Where for art thou oh muse?

(Insert picture of Milky Way galaxy here.)

I had a great idea before the season started to do a post about FanPosts each week and let folks vote on 'em regularly but I've always heard that if you didn't have anything nice to say you best not say anything at all.  Well, with that said, I guess I didn't follow that advice very well but perhaps the real reason I've yet to follow through with this idea was in part because I did not want to disturb the sanctity of Rogue Bear's FanPost. Sitting high atop the FanPosts in recommended status this thank you letter from Rogue Bear sat for two weeks gaining rec's and not a single comment.  Perhaps it was the very perfection of FanPosts in that there was absolutely nothing that anyone could comment that would add or subtract from the sublime beauty of contextual content that visited the pen of Rogue Bear at 11:52 p.m on August 30, 2015.

Perhaps the biggest attraction among the FanPosts this season is the Predict the Score series from the score keeping "committee" of goldenwave91.  Keep an eye on the FanPosts the week before each game to try your luck at game outcome prognostication.  At two games in, Redbeard25 moves from 1st place to 2nd place, letting the lead slip to C50 by one point.  In third place is Bryan Desjardins followed by Aqua and Bald Bear at fourth and fifth.

New and exclusive to Our Daily Bears this season is The Baylor Awards presented by jpbales where we "honor the top Baylor players (Corey Coleman) who played the best (Corey Coleman) and deserve accolades."   Included is a top notch poll for you to cast your vote for Baylor's top player each week.  Week one's poll winner was Baylor quarterback Seth Russell.  Corey Coleman maintains a comfortable lead for week two over the the Baylor Line.

A new ODB fanposter we want to encourage this season is odbgrader with his Grading series.  Clearly a lot of hard work and research has gone into his posts.  His research has been so spot on that even the legendary Mark Seymour has referred to his posts.  Speaking of Mark, he posted a pretty sharp picture of Shawn Oakman in this FanPost.

daddingo has posted a Seinfeld like post about nothing and started his own thread.  The post already has two "RECS"!

A special thank you for your post goes to BearNTex for keeping us apprised of the tarp situation.

jdaustex has let us know that UT is looking for a new athletic director.

WylieBear gives us the inside scope on presidential libraries and their role in Bears and Bushes.

javitarius has engineered a truly unique way to keep the Big XII format of ten teams while still creating two divisions within the conference, preserving existing rivalry games, adding a playoff game and all the while increasing the quality of opponent by a minimum of 40%.

ovenmit331 wants to do a desktop background check on you.

I can hardly wait for Andrew Miner's take three.

And that's the fan post review for the first two weeks of the season.  Remember ODBers to click the little green "REC" button just above the comments section of each FanPost if you truly recommend the post for the reading pleasure of others.