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Campus Chronicles 1: So It Begins

An introduction to the brand new Campus Chronicles weekly posts from lord.hinton and Matt McBeezy!

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Hello ODB! For those of you who do not know, I am now an official ODB contributor! SIC EM! I'd like to thank my Momma, Coach Art Briles, Shawn Oakman, Mark. Peter, and of course all of you who helped me with a rec or 2 along the way. We made it, y'all! Now let's get back to business!

We're trying something brand new here at ODB starting this week. I hit up my boy McBeezy and we've decided we want to write a weekly Campus Chronicle! You might have a few questions about what we're doing here at Campus Chronicles. Don't you worry. We're prepared for this. We are Baylor students, after all.

Campus Chronicles, what does that even mean?

Every week McBeezy and I will be right here bringing you fresh hot takes on all things Baylor from the perspective of 2 current students. Right here you will find all sorts of cool stuff like stories of having athletes in class, opinions on the latest campus developments, gameday experiences, word on the street updates, college pro tips, and everything in between.

Why are you doing this?

Cause we can. And we think it'll bring the readers of ODB an interesting look at campus life whether or not they still go to Baylor. Did you graduate pre-Briles era and wonder what being a student while winning back to back Big 12 Championships feels like? Campus Chronicles is for you. Are you a freshman that has questions about how to do college? Campus Chronicles is for you. Do you have a pulse, at least an 8th grade reading level, and any interest at all in Baylor? Campus Chronicles is for you too.

Okay well...who are you people?

De'Vion "Dex" Hinton
Year: Junior
Age: 20
Major(s): Human Resources Management and Marketing
Hometown: Katy, TX
Twitter: @preachmybrotha
Instagram: @lordhinton

I've never been as excited for any school year as I am for this one. There is so much awesome stuff happening this year and it all starts immediately! Not only am I starting the Campus Chronicle this week but move-in day for the residents of the Domain (apartment complex I work for) is on Friday the 14th, I will be Welcome Week leading for the second year in a row with my wonderful partner Kat next week, the brand new Foster Campus for Business and Innovation (where all of my classes this semester are located) is opening for school the week after, I'm hoping to join Student Foundation this year, a fountain is returning to fountain mall, and as you all know this could be one of the best Football teams Baylor ever had! I've loved my Baylor experience these first 2 years and I feel like it's going to get better from here and I can't wait to bring you all through it with me for Campus Chronicles.

Name: Matthew "McBeezy" McBrayer
Year: Sophomore
Age: 19
Major: Business Management
Minor: Religion
Hometown: Richardson, Tx
Twitter: @mcbeezy
Instagram: @matthewhayden

Hello fellow Baylor Bear fans! I am very excited to be writing the Campus Chronicle with my friend Dex this year! I will be living on-campus this year, so I will definitely hear the word around the streets of Waco. I honestly think this could be the best collection of Baylor athletics ever, with of course our football team on the cusp of a National Championship! (I think 10-year-old me just passed out due to the shock of typing that sentence.) I had the best year of my life last year and I can’t wait for this upcoming year to be even better! Follow ya boi on Twitter @McBeezy for updates and such, and as always, Sic ‘Em Bears!

Well there you have it folks, a small taste of what's to come in the very near future for Campus Chronicles. We will also be answering any questions you guys leave for us in the comments in next week's post! Thanks for reading!

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