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Managing the Mess -- ODB Site News and Questionnaire

There's a lot going on these days at ODB, and we're just getting started.

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We're gearing up for the 2014 football and futbol seasons here at ODB, with men's and women's basketball also looming in the distance.  That very exciting, obviously, but it also presents a problem: with so much great content (hopefully), things are going to get lost.  One very recent example is my Breakout Candidates post from Wednesday night.  Because so many other things have gone up, that post is already either at the very bottom of the front page or off it completely.  As you can imagine, this is a problem that's going to get worse before it gets better.

I've been thinking for a few days about how to potentially address this problem, but in order to do that, I need a little feedback from you guys.  Below, I've got a few questions about the layout of the site.  Answer them in the comments, if you will.  Below that, I'll share a couple of ideas I've been batting around.


Do you use the hubs on the main page to navigate the site?
If so, which hubs do you use the most?
Would you prefer to have fewer hubs on the main page?
Is there a hub you don't see that you would like? (You can see them all here.)
How often do you look down the home page for content?

I think you guys understand what I'm getting at here now.  I want to make the content that people want to see as accessible as possible for as long as possible.  I also want to organize things in a way that makes sense so, for example, the people that want Baylor Soccer news can find it as easily as those that want to see Hype Videos.


A "Best of ODB" hub -- The idea here would be to put the best from our writers in this hub and keep it near the top of the river (that's what the rest of the front page below the cover is called).  Posts from any category would be eligible for inclusion, and I would decide what is best (Don't worry, I won't just put my stuff in there by default!).

Fewer Hubs on the Front Page -- This is the real reason I'm asking my questions above.  If nobody is using the MBB hub right now, there's no reason for it to be on the front page.  Same for the Podcast hub, Hype Video hub, or whatever else.  Should be noted that two of the hubs on the page now -- Community Projections and Position Previews -- will go away very shortly, but they will be replaced with the SMU game hub and something else, probably.

More Pinned Posts -- With fewer hubs taking up pinned space in the page, I'll probably pin more posts to keep them around.  One example that I wish I'd pinned earlier -- cpech's Baylor Brand post from last week.  That one deserved to stick around a lot longer than it did.

If you have any additional ideas, share them in the comments!



A few months ago, I put up a recruiting post for ODB contributors that was successful beyond my wildest dreams.  Almost too successful, actually, in that I got several dozen responses and still haven't responded to them all (my most sincere apologies, by the way).  From those responses, we've managed to bring aboard several quality new people for MBB, recruiting, and other areas.  I think you're going to like where we're headed.

All that to say WE ARE STILL RECRUITING.  If you're a Baylor fan interested in writing for ODB, email the blog at OurDailyBears (at) gmail (dot) com and let's talk about it.  Put RECRUITING in the subject line so the emails are easier to identify, and identify, if you can, which area you'd like to write about.  If you've already emailed me and I didn't respond (sorry again), please feel free to do so again.  I'm not kidding when I say that I want to give as many people as possible the chance to contribute on the blog.