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Big 12 Coaches Read Mean Tweets

So ... Art Briles read a tweet from ODB, you guys.

The tweet Art Briles read is, if you can't tell, from ODB. Here's the embed:

Couple of things:

1) I'm a little embarrassed that they had to censor us.
2) That tweet was from December 27, 2012, the night of the Holiday Bowl. If you can excuse the language, do it there because we were really excited from having just laid the wood to UCLA.
3) Seriously, December 2012. Who at the Big 12 kept that tweet hanging around for nearly two years?
4) Is he smiling slightly? No? Just imagining that? Ok.
5) People are rough on Dana Holgorsen. Geez.

Sorry, Coach, if you were offended! Guess we know for sure that he's aware ODB exists now.