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ODB Community Projections

2013 ODB Community Projections: Offensive Results!

You've waited a long time for this.

Community Projections: CB Joe Williams

We're finally at the end. This is the last projection for the 2013 football season. Joe Williams gets the honor, just 24 hours before Baylor takes the field against Wofford.

Community Projections: CB Demetri Goodson

20-something down, 2 to go. Can you feel it? Demetri Goodson, fresh off a season-ending injury in 2012, secured a starter's spot in the spring and has held off all comers. If he can stay healthy, I love his potential in 2013.

Community Projections: CS Terrell Burt

We're in the home stretch now of our 2013 Community Projections. It's been a long time coming, but we'll finish up this week with our defensive backs before taking on Wofford on Saturday evening at the Case.

Community Projections: S Ahmad Dixon

I have to admit-- I am a bit tempted to goose the projections here to counteract the accusations that I am a Dixon hater, but only a bit. Today, we're doing The Man himself, Ahmad Dixon, one of the leaders of Baylor's defense.

Community Projections: NB Sam Holl

Interest in the Community Projections waned somewhat last week, and I totally get it: we were starting the defense, it's a relatively unknown group, and we as a fanbase like big numbers. But now it's Sam Holl's turn.

Community Projections: LB Eddie Lackey

Next up in our projections is the partner to yesterday's subject. Senior LB Eddie Lackey is entering his second year at Baylor and will start once again. Can he improve on last year's impressive marks?

Community Projections: LB Bryce Hager

The one I had planned to go up today didn't work out for various reasons, so we're moving on to LB Bryce Hager, the core of Baylor's defense at middle linebacker.

Community Projections: DE Shawn Oakman

The monster sophomore DE takes to the field this season for his first real action as a college player. Will he be the dominant force Baylor fans expect?

Community Projections: DE Terrance Lloyd

Yesterday, we kicked off the defense with senior DE Chris McAllister. Today, we move across the line to his partner-in-crime, senior DE Terrance Lloyd.

Community Projections: DE Chris McAllister

We're kicking off the defensive side of the ball today with DE Chris McAllister, who is coming off a huge performance in the 2012 Holiday Bowl and looks ready to dominate.

Community Projections: WR Antwan Goodley

The final piece of the offense! On Monday, we'll start the defense with our pair of defensive ends. Today, we're giving WR Antwan Goodley his due.

Community Projections: WRs Norwood and Fuller

It's a two-fer this morning with the last two WRs on our list: Levi Norwood and Clay Fuller. Hopefully, this isn't too confusing.

Community Projections: WR Corey Coleman

I'm calling another audible, this time for redshirt freshman IR Corey Coleman. All of the practice reports have him playing a prominent role in our offense. It should be so, as well, in our projections.

Community Projections: WR Robbie Rhodes

I'm so confident that Baylor won't redshirt the talented true freshman that I'm including him in the projections. That's calling a shot right there.

Community Projections: WR Jay Lee

We're starting a new week here at ODB with the projections for sophomore WR Jay Lee. Lee looks slated for the starting lineup after watching Baylor's prolific WRs the last 2 years.

Community Projections: WR Tevin Reese

So the projections for Jordan Najvar yesterday were pretty tough. We can talk about it if you want. Today's should be a bit easier, since we're dealing with the most-experienced returning starter Baylor has at WR: Tevin Reese.

Community Projections: TE Jordan Najvar

TEs aren't a huge part of the Briles offense (or haven't been, I guess) over the last few years, but might be with a relatively inexperienced QB in Bryce Petty. If anyone is going to get those catches, it will be senior Jordan Najvar.

Community Projections: RB Glasco Martin

Another day, another elite Baylor running back. This time, it's the thunder in the thunder-lightning combo: senior Glasco Martin.

Community Projections: RB Lache Seastrunk

Baylor's electric junior RB is up next on the ODB Community Projections. Give us your projections for Heisman hopeful Lache Seastrunk.

Community Projections: QB Bryce Petty

First up in the 2013 ODB Community Projections is the starting QB for the Baylor Bears: Bryce Petty.

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2013 Community Projections Discussion

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