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2015 OurDailyBears Community Projections Kickoff/Schedule

Tomorrow, we start the latest installment of the ODB Community Projections, wherein we, as a community, project the performances of Baylor's best and brighest in the upcoming football season.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

I'll be honest: after the last couple of seasons where nothing really came out of these projections, I didn't expect the level of support they ended up receiving in the poll I put up last week.  Still, I put that poll up for a reason, and I will abide by its results.  The community has spoken: we're going forward.

This year, however, we're doing things a little differently than in the past.  Instead of projecting stats for basically the entire depth chart (or more), we're going to focus on the stars to try to tighten up the process and prevent burnout. Here's our schedule:

Monday, 8/10: QB Seth Russell
Tuesday, 8/11: RB Shock Linwood
Wednesday, 8/12: WR Corey Coleman
Thursday, 8/13: WR K.D. Cannon
Friday, 8/14: TEs Trev'von Armstead & LaQuan McGowan

Monday, 8/17: DT Andrew Billings
Tuesday, 8/18: DE Shawn Oakman
Wednesday, 8/19: LB Grant Campbell
Thursday, 8/20: LB Taylor Young OR Aiavion Edwards
Friday, 8/21: CB Xavien Howard
Saturday, 8/22: S Orion Stewart

With the successful and healthy return of Jamal Palmer at DE opposite Oakman, I'm seriously considering including him in our projections, as well.  But for now, this is what we'll do.

For those unfamiliar with our projections, the process is very simple (and you can view it here, in last year's projections for Bryce Petty).  In the thread, I will ask you to project certain stats for each player. In the comments, you will project those stats and only those stats.  You will project only those stats.  All other commentary, thoughts, or questions go to the Community Projections Discussion Fanpost that I have created for the purpose.

If you have any other questions or concerns about the process, please let me know.