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2015 Community Projections: WR K.D. Cannon

Awwww, yeah. The freshman sensation is back and looking to blow any possibility of a sophomore slump out of the water.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

Getting right to it, here are KD's stats from last year, when he took the world by storm as a freshman:

Receiving G Rec Yards Yds/Rec Long TD Yds/G
2014 13 58 1030 17.8 89 8 79.2
TOTAL 13 58 1030 17.8 89 8 79.2

Makes me happy just looking at this all over again.

We're going to project the same stats for Cannon that we did for Coleman.  Give me the following:


Boom goes the TD Cannon!

Please do it in this format, so it's easier for us to scrape later.  Again, KEEP ALL DISCUSSION IN THE DISCUSSION FANPOST, where you can also find the remaining schedule for our projections.  So far, we're not changing anything, but I may throw one more in either this or next Saturday.  I haven't decided yet.

Also, if you haven't done our other Projections this week, hit the Hub link at the top of this page to go back and pick up Seth, Shock, and Corey.  You've got some time, but there's none like the present!

Happy projecting!