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2014 Community Projections -- Offensive Update

With all 12 players on offense now posted, it's time to see how we're doing as a group in terms of participation.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

I had some time this afternoon, so I sat down to see put together a spreadsheet of the 2014 ODB Community Projections so far.  The idea here is to see how many participants we have so far and who needs what.  That way anyone that needs/wants to can go back and fill in their gaps without having to open up each page.


First, the projections pages themselves for reference:

8/5 -- QB Bryce Petty
8/6 -- RB Rashodrick Linwood

8/7 -- RBs Devin Chafin and Johnny Jefferson

8/8 -- WR Antwan Goodley
8/11 -- WR Levi Norwood

8/12 -- WR Corey Coleman

8/13 -- WR Jay Lee
8/14 -- WR K.D. Cannon
8/15 -- TEs Tre'Von Armstead and Gus Penning
8/16 -- WR Davion Hall

Now, the spreadsheet:

If you submitted a projection before about 6:00 PM, I think I got it.  The sheet is available through Google Docs (click the link above).  The spreadsheet is organized alphabetically by those who did projections for Petty (so far), with everyone who came in later at the bottom as they came in.  Hopefully, you can see the formatting in the chart highlighting what you're missing, if you haven't done them all.  Just look for your name, then find the columns where you have zeros, signifying there is no projection (yet) for that player.

The Data:

In sum, 90 different people have made projections on whichever player.  That's more than double the 35 that participated last year.  Of those 90, 33 have done all 12 projections, making them eligible to win the competition.  Petty has the highest number of projections so far, as you probably expected, with a slight drop to Linwood, another to Chafin, Jefferson, and Goodley, and then a stabilization just below 60 for the rest of the WRs/TEs before Hall went up yesterday.

Percentage_done I know, I know, my charts aren't that great.  It's been a while since I had to make any, to be honest with you.

Let me know if you have any questions.  I'm extremely excited for how things have gone so far and the level of participation.  I'm asking a lot from you guys to do projections every single day, so I'm glad to see that over half of everyone who has participated has either done all 12 or just lacks 1.

We're starting tomorrow with the defense and DE Shawn Oakman.  I'll see you guys then!