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2014 Community Projections: WR Davion Hall

After nearly two full weeks, we've finally reached the end of our offensive projections with our second true freshman.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

Just a reminder: to be eligible to win this competition, you must do projections for every player on each side of the ball. That means all the offense, all the defense, or, to win the whole thing, both.  Tomorrow, I'm going to out together a chart showing participation this far, so everyone knows what they've done and lack. That should give people a chance to catch up if they choose.

Once again, I don't have anything to show you or any guidance to provide with this one.  Today's projectee, Davion Hall, is our second member of the Four Horsemen, a true freshman just months removed from HS football.  He's taken advantage of the fact that he enrolled in January to earn himself time with the first team in camp thus far, so we are including him here.

Project Hall as if he definitely plays this coming season and does not redshirt. That can still mean he doesn’t play much, but let’s go ahead and assume he plays. Then, if he redshirts, I’ll just take this one entirely out from the competition.

If you have projected already, feel free to do so again and I will delete your earlier submission.


That's what I need for Hall.

As with K.D. Cannon, I'm hoping for some good discussion on today's projection in the Discussion Fanpost.  Should be interesting to see how this unfolds!

Good luck!