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2014 Community Projections: WR K.D. Cannon

We're crossing the Rubicon of projections today with true freshman K.D. Cannon.

This is Kendall Wright, not KD Cannon.  We don't have a picture of KD Cannon.  Yet.
This is Kendall Wright, not KD Cannon. We don't have a picture of KD Cannon. Yet.

I don't have anything to show you or any guidance to provide with this one.  In truth, I'm a bit scared.  Today's projectee, K.D. Cannon, is a true freshman just months removed from HS football.  Had Clay Fuller not gotten injured, we wouldn't even project him at all.

There's a couple of ways we can do this.  Since the possibility still exists that Cannon might redshirt, though it seems fairly remote at this point, saying he won't accrue any statistics at all seems reasonable to me.  If that's what you want to do, just put 0 / 0 / 0.  Both sides -- those who project stats for him and those who don't -- will be taking a risk here.  I've said enough.


That's what I need for Cannon.

I'm expecting some good discussion on today's Projections in the Discussion Fanpost.  Just so everyone knows, it's totally inside the bounds of thoughtful discussion to question others about what they think, share your own thoughts, or some combination.  The idea here isn't to just win a competition; it's also to get people talking about what they expect from our players this year.

I've thrown a poll onto this post about doing Davion Hall as the second freshman.  If we do, it'll be Friday or Saturday, depending on how long it takes to get some kind of consensus in the poll.  If we don't do him, we'll go directly to Tre'Von Armstead.

Happy projecting, everybody!