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2014 ODB Community Projections: WR Levi Norwood

Baylor's do-everything WR Levi Norwood enters his senior year as the #2 returning wideout in targets. Will he end it as such?

I can't believe I've never used this photo before.
I can't believe I've never used this photo before.
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

I think you guys know how this goes by now.  This thread is for projections only; all discussion should be kept in the Discussion Fanpost I've created expressly for that purpose.  Our subject today is WR Levi Norwood, one of Bryce Petty's favorite returning targets and a quietly explosive player.  We're not going to bother with punting and kicking stats since I don't think we're hurting for things to do, so all I need is the following:


Starting with Norwood, this will be the format for each of the succeeding WRs, as well as TE Tre'Von Armstead.  It's simple, concise, and easy to compare.

Norwood's career stats:

Receiving Rushing Scrimmage
Year School Conf Class Pos G Rec Yds Avg TD Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2011 Baylor Big 12 JR WR 13 6 87 14.5 0 6 87 14.5 0
*2012 Baylor Big 12 JR WR 13 40 487 12.2 1 3 20 6.7 1 43 507 11.8 2
*2013 Baylor Big 12 JR WR 13 47 733 15.6 8 47 733 15.6 8
Career Baylor 93 1307 14.1 9 3 20 6.7 1 96 1327 13.8 10
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Generated 8/10/2014.

The full remaining schedule is the Discussion Fanpost. I've changed a couple of things around for this week, so be aware of that.  Good luck, and happy projecting!