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Community Projections: TE Jordan Najvar

TEs aren't a huge part of the Briles offense (or haven't been, I guess) over the last few years, but might be with a relatively inexperienced QB in Bryce Petty. If anyone is going to get those catches, it will be senior Jordan Najvar.


After this season, Baylor loses two seniors at the TE position: Jordan Najvar, who transferred from Stanford, and Jerod Monk, a converted QB who has made the position his own. Today, we're projecting the former's production in the first year of the Bryce Petty Era. How do you think he'll do? Give me:

Receptions / Yards / Touchdowns

That's it. That's all I need. Blocking stats for offensive linemen and tight ends are notoriously hard to find, so I thought we'd keep it simple. Here is Najvar's career at Baylor:

Receiving Rushing Scrimmage
Year School Conf Class Pos Rec Yds Avg TD Att Yds Avg TD Plays Yds Avg TD
*2011 Baylor Big 12 SO TE 15 146 9.7 2 0 0 0 15 146 9.7 2
*2012 Baylor Big 12 JR TE 10 80 8.0 2 1 1 1.0 1 11 81 7.4 3
Career Baylor 25 226 9.0 4 1 1 1.0 1 26 227 8.7 5

In doing this, remember that it is Bryce Petty's first year as a starter. In RGIII's first year, Justin Akers and Brad Taylor caught 22 passes between them, a fair bit more than Najvar's 10 last year. Still, ours is hardly a TE-heavy offense, so I wouldn't project a Jason Witten-type year.