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ODB Community Projections

2015 Community Projections: LB Grant Campbell

We're getting going a little later than usual this morning because I forgot to pre-write the post last night. Sorry!

2015 Community Projections: DE Shawn Oakman

It's the moment so many have been waiting for...

2015 Community Projections: DT Andrew Billings

After a weekend off from the projecting game, it's time for the defense. As it will be during the season, this side of the ball is led by Andrew Billings.

2015 Community Projections: TEs Armstead/McGowan

Let's have some fun today and (maybe) finish off our offensive players in style.

2015 Community Projections: WR K.D. Cannon

Awwww, yeah. The freshman sensation is back and looking to blow any possibility of a sophomore slump out of the water.

2015 Community Projections: WR Corey Coleman

Baylor's leading WR from 2014 is back for his junior season and ready to be the go-to guy for new QB Seth Russell.

2015 ODB Community Projections: RB Shock Linwood

Next up on our list is #32 on your roster and #1 in your heart: RB Shock Linwood.

2015 ODB Community Projections: QB Seth Russell


2015 ODB Community Projections Kickoff

Tomorrow, we start the latest installment of the ODB Community Projections, wherein we, as a community, project the performances of Baylor's best and brighest in the upcoming football season.

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2015 ODB Community Projections Discussion

2014 Community Projections: S Stewart & Burt

We have finally come now to the last Community Projection of 2014. If you've missed some in the past and want to be eligible for the contest, you have two days left!

2014 Community Projections: CB Xavien Howard

Today's projection kicks things off in the secondary, where Xavien Howard has grabbed ahold of one starting CB spot and won't let go.

2014 Community Projections: NB Collin Brence

We're still pushing through the defense, and today's projectee is senior Collin Brence.

2014 Community Projections: OLB Aiavion Edwards

Baylor's presumed starter at outside linebacker is up today in the community projections. What kind impact will he have in his first year on the first team?

2014 Community Projections: MLB Bryce Hager

The linebackers are up now, starting with tackling machine Bryce Hager.

2014 Community Projections: DTs Blackshear & Magee

Today's projection marks our last planned duo and finishes off the lines.

2014 Community Projections: DT Andrew Billings

DID YOU KNOW: We didn't do any DTs in this last year? A horrendous oversight, I believe. We're doing one now.

2014 Community Projections: DE Jamal Palmer

The less-heralded but longer-tenured member of our DE tandem is now up, looking to build on a great 2013.

2014 Community Projection: DE Shawn Oakman

It's just a couple of hours late; it's still good! It's still good!

2014 Community Projections -- Offensive Update

With all 12 players on offense now posted, it's time to see how we're doing as a group in terms of participation.

2014 Community Projection: WR Davion Hall

After nearly two full weeks, we've finally reached the end of our offensive projections with our second true freshman.

2014 Community Projections: TEs Armstead & Penning

Underused and underappreciate in our offense, the TEs are finally getting their day.

2014 Community Projection: WR K.D. Cannon

We're crossing the Rubicon of projections today with true freshman K.D. Cannon.

2014 Community Projection: WR Jay Lee

Will Jay Lee make THE LEAP to be Baylor's next big star on the outside?

2014 Community Projection: WR Corey Coleman

Up next is sophomore Corey Coleman, the pick of many to be our breakout player for 2014.

2014 Community Projection: WR Levi Norwood

Baylor's do-everything WR Levi Norwood enters his senior year as the #2 returning wideout in targets. Will he end it as such?

2014 Community Projection: WR Antwan Goodley

This is one people have been looking forward to for a while, I think. Will Goodley improve on his breakout 2013 or has he reached his ceiling?

2014 Community Projections: RBs Chafin & Jefferson

We've got our first paired projection day with the next two RBs. Both should play big roles for Baylor this season.

2014 Community Projections: RB Shock Linwood

With over 60 projections in for QB Bryce Petty, we're off to a great start on the 2014 projections. Next up is the electric RB Shock Linwood.

2014 Community Projections: QB Bryce Petty

We're kicking things off in a big way with the Man, the Myth, the Legend: QB Bryce Petty.

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2014 ODB Community Projections Discussion Fanpost

Please keep all discussion about the 2013 ODB Community Projections here, so it will be easier for me to compile the projections once they are done. Talk about whatever you want, here!

2014 CampBU, Community Projections, & Season Prep

Whether tomorrow marks the official start of the 2014 season or just the first day that players report, we're gearing up for 2014. That means season prep, the start of CampBU, and Community Projections!