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Friday Afternoon Video: OneRepublic - Love Runs Out

Happy Friday!

I'm guessing most are familiar with this week's entry for Friday Afternoon Video. At this point, the Colorado group has a couple of Grammies and more than a couple platinum singles. Their latest album, 2014's Nature, has already had a big hit that's likely been (over)played on your local pop radio station of choice in "Counting Stars." This week's FAV is the second release off of that album, "Love Runs Out." Your mileage with OneRepublic may vary, but I like this new one from them.

I think this is the last day of school for most school districts across the state. For all of the graduates, whether it be to a new school or new grade, congratulations! A special congratulations to all of those who are entered into retired life after long careers. For you those lucky few who are getting ready to start their first fall at our beloved alma mater, make sure to enjoy the summer! Also, I am super jealous of how many games you'll get to attend in the new football stadium.

Hopefully all of y'all will get more of a "summer" break than this lowly med student. Happy Friday!