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Friday Afternoon Video: Esperanza Spalding - Samba em Preludio

It's Friday!

World Cup, Brazil. The US moves to the Knockout Stage with a loss to Germany. How does one capture all of this in one FAV?

How about with Esperanza Spalding performing her version of one of the most celebrated Brazilian guitarists of all time, Baden Powell, at a jazz concert in Leverkusen, Germany?

Esperanza Spalding is an American who was born and raised in Portland, Oregon who, at 20, became one of the youngest instructors in the history of Berklee College of Music in Boston. Esperanza grew up in a multicultural home that gave her the foundation to develop the remarkable ability to take on songs from other cultures in other languages at a level that impresses the natives of those cultures. Something of a precocious superstar in the jazz world, she has also tried to make music that appeals more to the pop music scene as well, like with her 2012 album Radio Music Society. Despite the numerous accolades, duets and group performances with some of the finest in jazz music, and a few performances for the current President of the United States, Esperanza Spalding might be best known for beating Justin Beiber for New Artist of the Year, prompting an embarrassing outburst by his Beliebers. But let's gloss over that depressing note. She now spends her time in Austin and New York, depending on her recording schedule. I'd be more than happy to adopt her as an Honorary Texan.

This week's video is "Samba em Preludio". Enjoy.