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Friday Afternoon Video: Oil Boom - 45 Revolutions per Minute

Back to Dallas, this week...

Back to Dallas for this week's Friday Afternoon Video (Texas Edition) with SXSW participant Oil Boom and their song "45 Revolutions per Minute".

"One of the best things about roaming the streets of Austin late at night during SXSW is running into an unexpected club and seeing a band that turns it all upside down. For me, that was Dallas based trio Oil Boom. If you like the grittiness of the Black Keys, John Spencer Blues Explosion, Hanni El Khatib and good, loud garage-rock guitar in general, Oil Boom is for you. Its members claim influences from Nirvana to Dinosaur Jr, and are busy putting together the funds to record their next album." - Anne Litt, NPR

They'll be performing at the Fort Worth Music Festival on May 17 for those who might be interested. Happy Friday!


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