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Friday Afternoon: Michael Jackson + Justin Timberlake - Love Never Felt So Good

Some of my best childhood memories come from being stationed in front of the TV and VCR playing Michael Jackson's famous music videos/extravaganzas and other TV shows over and over again. I can't recall how many times I imagined myself turning into a robot, or how much times I watched the face changes at the end of black and white, or how many times I fell onto my bed trying to replicate that famous lean in the Smooth Criminal music video.* For there to be an entire new album of Michael Jackson music to look forward to (as opposed to the earlier notsogood posthumous album) and for it to include one of my favorite current artists is a wonderfully unexpected trip down memory lane. Better writers than me have covered the ethical questions inherent to such an endeavor; for me, I am content to simply enjoy the ride, especially one such as this that so ably combines the past and the present, the legend with his adoring fans (which I have to assume includes Timberlake himself).

Also, here's a bonus piece of nostalgia, the song that I would contend is Michael Jackson's best song. That's right, I think that the King of Pop made his best single as an 11 year old...clearly, it was all downhill from there. Happy Friday!

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*5 year old me was convinced that his secret involved magnets and/or magic. Present day me remains convinced.